ADEC Provides Educational Equipment to Abu Dhabi’s Special Needs Students


Abu Dhabi:  The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) today announced it has provided state-of-the-art educational equipment and learning tools tailored for students with special needs. H.E Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Director General of ADEC visited Um Habiba School to make the announcement and interact with the special needs students and their new learning tools.

This is part of ADEC’s 10 Year Strategic Plan that is transforming Abu Dhabi’s education system into a system of education excellence. ADEC has already started implementing strategies that are providing students with better learning environments including providing individualized education for students with special needs.

“As teachers, principals, mentors, and leaders in the education sector it is our role to create and guide students into a more accepting, tolerant and inclusive society breaking down all borders that may cause separation and discrimination” said H.E Dr Al Khaili.

“ADEC’s 10 Year Strategic Plan is working to make all students more accepting while providing students with special needs the individualized education they need to be able to integrate into a school environment. The equipment and educational tools we are providing will help achieve this and help students reach their learning goals” added H.E. Dr Al Khaili.

Today’s school visit saw special needs students using Liberty Solo low vision aids which allowed students with vision disabilities to be able to see and read the words in front of them. Students with hearing disabilities were able to follow their math classes by using scientific talking calculators. Other learning tools supplied by ADEC for special needs students include: electronic magnification kits, portable magnifiers, tactile globes, abacuses, white canes, and laptops with Hal software and Hal pens. A total of 173 students with special needs have been integrated into Abu Dhabi’s mainstream schools.

Over the coming weeks, ADEC will be distributing the educational and recreational equipment to all schools across all cycles.

“ADEC is devoted to inclusive education, which respects the right for all learners to have a quality education that meets the highest standards of learning needs and enriches their lives. Focusing particularly on special needs student, who have traditionally been educated in special education centers, this initiative seeks to support the intellectual potential of every student” said H.E. Dr Al Khaili.