ADEC Strategy Focuses on Transformation of Private Education


Abu Dhabi : H.E. Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al-Khaili, Director General of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), accompanied by Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of Aldar Properties and Mr. Jim Harvey, Managing Director of Aldar Academies visited Al Muna Private School in Abu Dhabi to evaluate progress in ADEC’s private school transformation effort. During the visit, they toured the school and attended some classes where they were briefed about the school’s curriculum, programs, and self-improvement plans.
ADEC is currently implementing a framework for inspecting private schools in Abu Dhabi designed to support all private schools in the Emirate as they strive to meet safety, well-being, and educational quality standards. The process began with ADEC organizing orientation workshops that have taken schools through an orientation and self-evaluation process. According to ADEC’s inspection framework, the results of this self-evaluation will be the baseline for improving educational services provided to students.
H.E. Dr. Al-Khaili lauded the advanced instructional methods used: “ADEC’s 10-Year Strategic Plan is committed to delivering quality education to all of our students, including both private and public schools.”
“The purpose of the school inspection process is to begin a continuous cycle of improvement that is designed to maximize student well-being and achievement,” H.E. Dr Al-Khaili added.
H.E. Dr. Al-Khaili said that a highly-experienced international inspection teams has already started their work, including inspection of 95 schools. The teams have been measuring school performance against their self-evaluation result and ADEC’s inspection framework.
The inspection framework is based on nine standards: overall school effectiveness; student achievement and progress; personal development of students; teaching quality; curriculum; the protection, care, guidance, and support of students; quality of facilities; school resources; and leadership and management. Each standard will be judged against detailed criteria on a nine-point scale ranging from outstanding to poor. School results will initially be shared confidentially with schools to work towards improvement goals, however the inspection process will eventually move towards full transparency.
A preliminary evaluation of schools was conducted during the 2008/2009 school year that enabled ADEC to gather data to develop an informed plan for inspections, and to address immediate safety and well-being concerns. The formal inspections will be more comprehensive and collaborative, and results will be shared and discussed with each individual school. This process is designed to provide recommendations to each school that can be used to develop a systematic and effective school improvement plan.
H.E. Dr. Al-Khaili encouraged school operators to cooperate with ADEC to drive improvement in the private education sector in the emirate.
“All schools have the potential to improve, regardless of their initial evaluation results, and we will hold all schools accountable to making progress within their school improvement plans,” H.E. Dr. Al-Khaili said.