Enrolment of new students in Abu Dhabi Schools kicks off


Abu Dhabi:  Abu Dhabi Education Council announced that enrolment of new students in KGs, public and model schools in Abu Dhabi started for the new school year 2010/2011 from Sunday March 14th until Thursday 24th June, 2010 for UAE citizens. The enrolment of expatriate students will start May 2nd until June 24th, 2010. The enrolment process will be carried out through e-SIS system launched by ADEC earlier this year.  Parents can get their children enrolled in schools either by logging onto ADEC’s website or by visiting KGs and schools.

The announcement came in a decree issued by Mr. Mohammad Salem Al-Dhaheri, ADEC’s Executive Director of School Operations.

Mr. Al-Dhaheri urged parents to abide by the specified enrolment period, to make it easy for schools and their administrations. Prompt enrollment will help schools meet their enrolment capacity and needs without disruption or delay.

According to the decree, the enrolment of UAE students, children of UAE mothers holders of family books, must take place in KGs close to their homes. The student’s age is calculated on October 1st of the admission year (1/10/2010). Thus, the child’s minimum age for admission at KG1 shall be 3 years and six months and the maximum age shall be 4years and 5months. As for KG2, the minimum age shall be 4years and 6months while the maximum age shall be 5 years and 5 months.

As for G2-G12, the decree pointed out that a place in the school can be reserved with the presentation of a duly attested mid-year certificate for students who have applied during the above-mentioned period, in addition to the completion of New Students Registration Form by the parent. Then, each school must review the application carefully at the presence of the parent at the time of registration. 

The decree included the regulations with regard to the enrolment of outstanding expatriate students at all grades (G1-G12) inside the city, provided that the number of students enrolled should not exceed 20% in a school class and that the number of students in one class should not exceed the allocated ratio, 25 students in first cycle classes and 30 students in the 2nd and 3rd cycle classes. The enrolment of those students should not necessitate the opening of additional classes which affects the school's needs of teachers and textbooks. For 1st graders, the student should pass the personal interview. In addition, the student should pass the admission test in Arabic, English and Math with an average grade not less than 90%. Students applying for grade 2–12 should pass the interview and should have succeeded in the previous year with an average of 85% or above in Arabic, English and Mathematics. Tuition fees are to be collected from students in accordance with applicable regulations.  If the overall percentage of expat students at school is 20% or more, registration shall not be opened to expats in all the classes.

As for expat students living in remote areas which are located 35 km and more from the nearest private school, students are accepted in all classes suitable for their academic levels, with the exception of those schools where admission of 20% set for expats, taking into consideration the students’ density mentioned–above and that the enrolment of those students should not necessitate the opening of additional classes. Children of those working in government sector are accepted only if parents work in the city and reside in remote areas located 35 km and more from the nearest private school and provided that the student is outstanding. The expat students, whose parents are living in remote areas and also working in public or private sectors in the remote areas located 35 km and more from the nearest private school with the classes suitable for the student's academic level and submitting the official documents proving that, are exempted from outstanding condition. Tuition fees are to be collected from students in accordance with applicable regulations.

With regard to model schools, a vacancy must be available at school and student must fulfill the following conditions: should pass the personal interview, an average grade of 70% for students transferred from public schools and an average grade of 80% for students transferred from private schools within or outside the country, familiarity with using computers for G-4 and above with priority given to students who have previously attended model schools.

For UAE students transferred from military schools, they are accepted at home study from G-8 and above provided that they have passed the previous year and not being suspended from public schools for disciplinary reasons or repetitive failure.

UAE students are accepted at adult education centers from G-5, provided that they have passed the last academic year and didn’t discontinue study for more than two years with an exception to G-12 students who failed the G-12 class. School administrations must accept new students in accordance with geographical distribution. For enrolment of students coming from Saudi Arabia and Egypt Religious Institutions, the educational zones must be contacted.