Get to know us

Get to know us

 Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Division

“Developing Strategies That Enhance Organizational Efficiency”

The Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Division provides the higher education sector with an enhanced roadmap for the future.

In addition, it creates suitable conditions for this roadmap to achieve its goals in alignment with the sector’s agenda of policies and strategies. Furthermore, the division ensures the quality performance across the sector by adjusting and improving the course of the sector programs and activities.To learn more about the Division’s role, please visit the Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Division section.

 Quality Improvement Division

“Raising Standards”

Higher education is of a crucial importance to the creation and sustainability of the Abu Dhabi future workforce. It is, thus, vital to ensure its quality. The Quality Improvement Division has as its purpose, to raise and sustain the quality of higher education institutions through the application of international standards. For further details, please visit the section dedicated to the Quality Improvement Division.

  Research Division

“Encouraging Innovation”

Research and development are key components of an innovative knowledge-based economy. The Research Division promotes research and development in many different ways. To this end, it works closely with higher education institutions as well as key priority industry partners to define, align, and implement a research agenda that will fulfill the goals set forth by the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. To learn more about how the Division supports innovation, please visit its section.”

 Labor Market Intelligence Division

“Providing Insight to Help Institutions Align with Market Needs“

The Labor Market Intelligence Division’s mission is to help provide information and insight to help Higher Education Institutions align with market needs. The Division works with higher education institutions, the Ministry of Labor, Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, employers and other education agencies on a range of studies to produce information, intelligence and insight that help institutions align their program offerings to the needs of the labor market. The Division works under the guidance of the Human and Social Development Committee of the Executive Council. Please visit the Labor Market Intelligence Division’s section to obtain further information about its work.

 Guidance and Scholarship Division

“Word-Class Learning Opportunities“

The Division offers students from the UAE the opportunity to gain international knowledge and experience through a suite of international scholarships designed to support their academic studies abroad.

If you are interested in engaging in an exchange of knowledge with other global institutions, please visit the Guidance and Scholarship Division.