How do we help

How do we help

 Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Division

“Developing Strategies That Enhance Organizational Efficiency”

The Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Division develops effective strategies that promotes the higher education quality and improves the sector organizational functionality.

A Closer Look at What We Do

  • Develop, implement and update Higher Education strategic plan and sector budget.
  • Develop ADEC Higher Education policies, guidelines, standards and regulations.
  • Support the development of qualifications framework.
  • Define, set and monitor performance indicators.
  • Develop and operate a ranking system.
  • Devise a modular accreditation program.
  • Coordinate with MOHESR.

Why is Policy, Planning, and Performance Management (PPPM) Important?

Workable policies, robust planning quality monitoring enhance the higher education sector in the following areas:

  • Accredited internationally recognized programs.
  • A higher education system with student focused teaching
  • Superior research and lifelong learning.
  • A higher education system that promotes values of leadership, ethics, culture and heritage
  • The sufficient flexibility to adapt to the changing social, workforce, and economic needs of Emirates.

 Quality Improvement Division

“Raising Standards”

Quality of education influences a society at its core. ADEC aims at continuously enhancing the quality of the higher education sector, with a view to constantly improving Abu Dhabi’s social and economic development as a result.

How Does the Division Maintain Our High Standards?

High standards create many advantages for Higher education institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To maintain these standards at their high levels, the Division employs the following means:

  • Identifying and implementing mechanisms to achieve goals and quality standards
  • Participating in the Federal Higher Education Licensing Committee
  • Assisting Higher Education Institutions in attaining licenses and renewing licensure
  • Issuing updates with regard to the latest developments in the field
  • Taking measures for quality assurance
  • Building strong networks with all higher education institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and collaborating with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

 Research Division

“Encouraging Innovation “

The Research Division serves ADEC’s vision of an innovative and developed education over the multifaceted approach described hereafter:

  • Sponsoring, promoting, and encouraging research where required
  • Facilitating and participating in idea exchange on the local, regional and international levels
  • Collaborating with local and international entities on the development of programs for research, development, and innovation
  • Supporting and funding research

The Division’s Strategy

The Research Division’s strategy is guided by four key principles:

  • Focusing research and development on industrial applications relevant to economic priorities
  • Concentrating on specific research areas of focus that address industry stress points

Establishing critical mass of world-class researchers in very focused and narrow specializations Building scale through sufficient investment to build state-of-the-art infrastructure in order to compete globally.

 Labor Market Intelligence Division

“Providing Insight that Helps Institutions Align Higher Education Programs to Market Needs“

In a rapidly growing economy such as Abu Dhabi, it is critical that higher education provision matches the needs of the labour market. The Labor Market Intelligence Division’s mission is to help provide information and insight to help Higher Education institutions to meet market needs.

How do we accomplish our mission?

As part of an Education Agency supporting Higher Education Institutions in Abu Dhabi, the Division works to support these institutions answer important questions such as:

  • Where is excess demand or excess supply in the Abu Dhabi labor market?
  • What will the labor market require in future in terms of skills and disciplines, and how many graduates of which disciplines?
  • What and how many programs/courses should be developed to meet current and future demand?

Who benefits from this mission?

High quality labour market information is essential for different stakeholders in the field of education and employment, and for career advisors providing guidance to job seekers and students. Such information will help answer the questions of the different stakeholder groups.

Career Advisors / Job Seekers

What is the right career for me and what is the likely remuneration?

Which degree program should I take to make me most attractive to employers?

Where do I go for reliable information and advice?


Where do I go to recruit Emirati or other graduates who have the right skills and qualifications for the future?

Institutions and Policy-makers

What is the long-term outlook for key sectors and what external factors are driving change?

What will the impact be on the need for graduates in future and the skills and competencies they need?

 Guidance and Scholarship Division

“World-Class Learning Opportunities”

Encouraging international exchange of knowledge, the Guidance and Scholarship Division helps Abu Dhabi students globalize their knowledge by offering them a multitude of services in this direction.

How Does the Division Globalize Your Knowledge?

We live in a global village where knowledge opens the doors to the future. The Division helps students globalize their knowledge through the following initiatives:

  • Designing scholarship programs
  • Creating a scholarship candidate selection framework
  • Establishing appropriate collaborations and student\staff exchanges
  • Promoting and encouraging higher education participation among nationals
  • Rolling out an effective career guidance system and encouraging females to join the workforce

Your Globalizing Options

The Guidance and Scholarship Division hosts a suite of international scholarship programs with a view to developing a highly qualified national workforce. In this regard, the Division offers you two different types of opportunities, namely scholarships and internships.

Your Global Gateway to a Bright Future

The scholarships are the first stage toward globalizing your knowledge. In short, it opens to you the doors to a far reaching future. A visit to the Scholarship Programs section will help you decide which institution fits you most for the purpose of starting your knowledge globalizing journey.

Scholarship Options

  • Al Nokhba (Elite) Scholarship for Advance Technology
  • Food Control Scholarship
  • NIBRAS – Education Leadership Scholarship
  • Saadiyat Cultural District Museum Scholarship
  • Study Leaves Scholarship
  • Talented Scholarship program
  • Transportation Engineering Scholarship
  • Urban Planning Scholarship


Adding the Professional Touch to Your Knowledge

The second stage of your knowledge globalizing journey is the internship stage. Internships allow students to add to their academic knowledge the weight of professional experience in an international setting.

Internship Options

  • Airbus Internship in Toulouse – France
  • Al Nokhba (Elite) Internship
  • GlobalFoundries- Dresden Germany (IAG)
  • Prembroke College (Oxford University)
  • Sciences Po- European Union Students Summer Program