Get to know us

Get to know us

P-12 Policy

Enriching our P-12 schools

The strategies developed and implemented by the P-12 Policy Sector directly contribute to ADEC’s mission of ensuring academic excellence throughout the Emirate.

The Sector works to spread best practices in policy, management, standards, performance evaluation, curriculum development and student assessment through continuous review of the P-12 Strategic Plan for Abu Dhabi’s public school sector.

By continually updating and improving our education policies, teaching methods, academic and enrichment curricula, and assessment tools, the P-12 Policy Sector provides ADEC with informed, data-driven management strategies.

For more information about each of the Sector’s divisions, please visit each of the links below.

 Policy, Planning & Performance Management Division

Driving and supporting improvement in P-12 public education

The Policy, Planning and Performance Management Division of ADEC’s P-12 Policy Sector monitors P-12 education performance across the Emirate and develops comprehensive policies and strategies.

The Division is comprised of three sections:

  • Policy Section
  • Planning Section
  • Performance Management Section

 Curriculum Division

Providing curricular support and guidance for P-12 public schools

The Curriculum Division provides Emirate level support and guidance for students, teachers, and school administrators regarding curriculum for Abu Dhabi’s public schools.

The Division is comprised of the:

  • Arabic Medium Section
  • English Medium Section
  • eLearning Section
  • Pedagogy and Learning Resources Section

The Division works to ensure national curriculum standards are met through comprehensive subject curriculum development. The Curriculum Division also provides guidance in areas of enrichment curriculum, including extracurricular activities.

 Assessment Division

Furthering comprehensive P-12 academic program review

ADEC’s Assessment Division oversees and manages the development of assessment frameworks for the Emirate’s P-12 schools. The Division is comprised of three sections:

  • National Assessment Section
  • International Assessment Section
  • Assessment Development Section

The collective mission of the Division is to provide a foundation for decision making and development that is based on solid data collection.

 Special Education Division

Promoting services and programs for students with special educational needs

The Special Education Division of the P-12 Policy Sector aims to promote educational services in Abu Dhabi for children with special and/or additional educational needs that will provide them with every opportunity to succeed.

The Division is committed to delivering comprehensive and systematic planning and curriculum support for all students.

 Health and Wellness Division

Devising a comprehensive approach to promoting health and wellness

Healthy difference in the lifestyles of Abu Dhabi’s school students.

The Health and Wellness Division is making a healthy difference in the lifestyles of Abu Dhabi’s school students.

The Division works in coordination with health authorities to devise health and wellness policies, regulations, standards and programs for P-12 students.

The Division’s goal is to identify and promote policy solutions and health promotion programs that aim at promoting the health and wellness of all school communities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

 Professional Standards Division

Helping our staff to achieve professional excellence

Define the standards of professional development for our staff

The mission of the Professional Standards Division is to define the standards of professional development for our staff, which includes principals, vice-principals, teachers, social workers and others.

ADEC believes its teaching and school management staff should strive for continuous professional growth and development.

Our Division, comprised of the Professional Standards Development Section and the Professional Licensing Section, works to ensure staff members have the resources they need to achieve this growth.