How do we help

How do we help

P-12 Policy

Enriching our P-12 schools

The P-12 Policy Sector plays a vital role in the development of education in the Emirate.

Our mandate is to establish goals and targets, measure progress, and initiate improvements that directly contribute to Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision for academic excellence. We help the Emirate strive toward this goal by:

  • Developing, reviewing, and updating the P-12 Strategic Plan for the Abu Dhabi public school sector
  • Setting P-12 policies, guidelines, standards, and regulations
  • Developing, reviewing, and updating P-12 curricula
  • Designing, reviewing, and developing Emirate-wide student assessments
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of Education and internal and external stakeholders

 Policy, Planning & Performance Management Division

Driving and supporting improvement in P-12 public education

ADEC’s Policy, Planning and Performance Management Division helps P-12 public schools by:

  • developing, updating and supporting the implementation of the P-12 Policy Strategic Plan
  • developing and supporting the implementation of P-12 policies.
  • conducting background research for strategic planning and policy development
  • coordinating monthly reviews for planning and performance management
  • monitoring P-12 Education performance at the Emirate level
  • coordinating with internal and external stakeholders

 Curriculum Division

Providing curricular support and guidance for P-12 public schools

We assist the P-12 Policy Sector by:

  • Developing subject curricula that are based on the needs of the Emirate
  • Developing learning outcomes per program and cycle
  • Determining teaching methods, pedagogy and learning resources for the new curricula per cycle and program
  • Establishing selection criteria to advise on the appropriate provision of extracurricular programs and activities.

 Assessment Division

Furthering comprehensive P-12 academic program review

The Assessment Division provides the needed leadership in the assessment of student learning and an ongoing comprehensive P-12 academic program review. We help generate progressive P-12 policy by:

  • Reviewing and developing frameworks, methodologies and advancement standards of assessment by program and cycle
  • Developing Emirate-level assessment tools and systems
  • Coordinating the administration of National (EMSA, PIPS) and International (TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA) assessments
  • Coordinating the administration of federal assessments in compliance with the Ministry of Education, e.g. Thanawiya or other appropriate assessments

 Special Education Division

Promoting services and programs for students with special educational needs

The strategies employed by the Special Education Division are, at their core, driven by a commitment to addressing the needs of all students who require special and or additional educational support services.

We help by:

  • Conducting assessments to identify requirements for special education
  • Developing strategies for special education
  • Developing policies and guidelines for P-12 Special Education
  • Identifying and developing Special Education support materials and resources to enhance the delivery of P-12 curricula
  • Developing and implementing systems which help us identify and assess students who require special and/or additional education support services

 Health and Wellness Division

Devising a comprehensive approach to promoting health and wellness

Our Division’s comprehensive approach to promoting health and wellness acts in concurrence with the drive of Abu Dhabi’s health authority to make the health and wellbeing of the people of Abu Dhabi a top priority.

We build on past successes by identifying new policy approaches to promote the health and wellness of our school communities.

We also oversee the implementation and evaluation of school-based health promotion programs with the support of our stakeholders

 Professional Standards Division

Helping our staff to achieve professional excellence

Our Division helps by:

  • Setting professional standard requirements for P-12 school staff and management
  • Defining standards and processes for licensing P-12 school staff and management
  • Designing standards for professional development programs for P-12 school staff