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PSQA Sector

Developing an affordable world class private education system for all students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

The Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) Sector was set up in 2010 to implement ADEC’s Strategic Plan for the rapid improvement of the school system in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Sector’s key functions are to regulate, license, inspect and support private schools and these functions are carried out by five professional Divisions:

  • Policy, Planning & Performance Management Division
  • Promotion & Business Development Division
  • Licensing & Accreditation Division
  • Inspection & Monitoring Division
  • School Improvement Division

Each Divisional team is led by a Division Manager and staffed by experts from the UAE and abroad, all of whom bring to ADEC a passionate commitment to the provision of high quality education for each and every student in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

PSQA’s Inspection and Monitoring Division carry out Irtiqa’a quality assurance inspections of all government and private schools in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

 Policy, Planning & Performance Management Division

Assist private education in its journey towards excellence through a robust regulatory framework and dynamic strategic plans

As a division tasked with promoting quality education and ensuring the realization of strategic targets, the Policy, Planning and Performance Management (PPPM) Division sets the regulatory framework (i.e. regulations, policies, and standards) for Abu Dhabi’s private schools.

In addition, the PPPM Division oversees planning and budgetary objectives for PSQA, and ensures the alignment of plans with those of both ADEC and the Government of Abu Dhabi. The PPPM Division strives to guarantee that all operational and strategic targets are met effectively and efficiently.

 Promotion & Business Development Division

Excellence on Promoting Private education in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The Promotion and Business Development Division coordinates activities which help endorse Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision of a knowledge-based economy originated by world class education standards.

Help endorse Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision of a knowledge-based economy

To help realize this goal, the Division reaches out to school operators, institutional investors, and education providers through investor and media forums which target local, regional, and international players in the field of education management.

“The division also support investors and providers/operators by facilitate establishing and developing their schools through liaising with all relevant government entities.”

 Licensing & Accreditation Division

Providing quality assurance through efficient licensure practices and personable customer service

The Licensing and Accreditation Division’s role within the PSQA Sector deals primarily with the licensure and license renewal of all private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

This process extends to curricula, staffing, and customer service areas of private school operations and quality assurance.

Within the licensure process, there is rigorous screening for any new applications covering curriculum, school operation, and financial planning.

Once approved through a variety of quality assurance measures, the school is granted a provisional license and can begin developing. Upon subsequent inspection, the school can be awarded a standard license, depending on the inspection result.

 Inspection & Monitoring Division

Promoting best practice through rigorous inspection

ADEC oversees a comprehensive inspection and school improvement program – Irtiqa’a– that aims to stimulate and support continuous improvement in each school in order to maximize students’ wellbeing and achievement.

Each school is required to undertake a process of self evaluation

Each school is required to undertake a process of self evaluation to identify what it does well and what it can do to improve. Inspection teams, consisting of independent and highly experienced inspectors, periodically review the quality and performance of each school and evaluate the effectiveness of its self evaluation.

Inspectors work with schools and take account of the views of parents and students when arriving at their judgements. They spend approximately one week in each school and measure its overall effectiveness against its self evaluation and the Performance Standards identified in the Framework for Inspection.

These Performance Standards are:

  • Students’ attainment and progress
  • Students’ personal development
  • The quality of teaching and learning
  • The meeting of students’ needs through the curriculum
  • The protection, care, guidance and support of students
  • The quality of the school’s building andpremises.
  • The school’s resources to support it saims
  • The effectiveness of leadership and management.

Each standard is judged against detailed criteria based on best international practice.

 School Improvement Division

Assisting schools on their journey toward excellence

ADEC’s vision and mission is supported by various school improvement programs which are specially designed to assist schools on their path towards excellence in education and wellbeing.

Our aim is to build capacity within the school system

Our aim is to build capacity within the school system by sharing best practice, encouraging networking (assisted by our private school principals’ associations), and providing electronic resources on a variety of topics.

PSQA’s School Improvement Division team members visit schools to follow up on inspection and monitor reports, while simultaneously supporting school leadership to develop a school improvement plan, providing focused professional development, and advising school leaders on key aspects of school development.