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PSQA Sector

Developing an affordable world class private education system for all students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Since its inception in 2010 the PSQA team has embarked upon a radical transformation of the private schools landscape in Abu Dhabi.

In order to meet the Abu Dhabi Government’s ambitious aspirations and targets for education, every aspect of the private schools sector has been reviewed and is being reformed according to best international practice. ADEC has introduced:

  • PSQA Strategic Plan
  • Private schools regulations and policies
  • School buildings standards, including Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards
  • School Licensing Framework
  • Principal and Teacher Licensing Frameworks
  • Irtiqa’a Inspection and Self-Evaluation Framework and inspector training programme
  • International best practice conferences
  • School Improvement support framework
  • Business Development Forum for school investors and operators

 Policy, Planning & Performance Management Division

 Promotion & Business Development Division

Excellence on Promoting Private education in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The Promotion and Business Development Division works to connect Abu Dhabi’s private schools with leading education providers both inside and outside the Emirate.

The Promotion and Business Development Division works to connect Abu Dhabi’s private schools

Our supportive role helps facilitate physical growth (through leasing lands and ex-governmental school buildings for future private schools”.

Establish an attractive supportive environment for investors and providers/operators to facilitate and overcome difficulties that may occur during the construction of schools. This would be done through liaising with relevant government entities.

Support Abu Dhabi partners in attracting high quality schools in additions to provide the support for existing low quality and low resourcing schools which need to maintain their sustainability and balance their current system.

All in all Promotion & Business Development Divisions is working hand in hand with all divisions under PSQA to achieve ADEC’s vision and mission towards accomplishing high quality of education without impacting tuition fees.

 Licensing & Accreditation Division

 Inspection & Monitoring Division

Promoting best practice through rigorous inspection
ADEC oversees a comprehensive inspection and school improvement program – Irtiqa’a– that aims to stimulate and support continuous improvement in each school in order to maximize students’ wellbeing and achievement. Each school is required to undertake a process of self-evaluation to identify what it does well and what it can do to improve. Inspection teams, consisting of independent and highly experienced inspectors, periodically review the quality and performance of each school and evaluate the effectiveness of its self-evaluation.
Inspectors work with schools and take account of the views of parents and students when arriving at their judgments. They spend approximately 4 days in each school and measure its overall effectiveness against its self-evaluation and the Performance Standards identified in the United Arab Emirates School Inspection Framework.
These Performance Standards are:
Performance Standard 1:    Students’ achievement
Performance Standard 2:    Students’ personal and social development and their innovation skills
Performance Standard 3:    Teaching and Assessment
Performance Standard 4:    Curriculum
Performance Standard 5:    The protection, care, guidance, and support of students
Performance Standard 6:    Leadership and Management
Each standard is judged against detailed criteria based on best international practice.

 School Improvement Division

The School improvement Division:

  •  Review and approval of the School Development Plan.
  • Provides professional development for senior and middle leaders and teachers in areas that are a key priority for ADEC including Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies.
  • Develop and implement enrichment educational programs such as My Identity Program and “Students Competency Framework” program.
  • Facilitates networking and sharing of practice between schools to develop a culture of excellence in schools.