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Maintaining a solid foundation for ADEC’s instructional programs

ADEC’s School Operations Sector is a vital resource of expertise for students, teaching and non-teaching staff, customers and community members.

By continually fostering collaborative relationships within the Emirate between government, academic and private entities, the sector ensures ADEC’s strategic mission of providing world class instruction programs is delivered in an efficient manner.

The divisions that operate within the School Operations Sector are:


Ensuring the effective deployment of ADEC resources to schools

Effective school planning ensures resources are available and deployed appropriately and go where they are needed most.

Ensures resources are available

The School Planning Division employs an outcome-oriented approach for activities related to estimating current and future student numbers, balancing enrolment with capacity, advising on the need for new schools, and estimating current and future staffing requirements – especially those resulting from new curricular initiatives.

Conducting such operational and financial analyses helps keep ADEC’s master plan coordinated with internal and external stakeholders.


Managing the implementation of vital services

The School Services Division coordinates and monitors the planning and implementation of central operational components.,. It also leads efforts to promote the school community wellbeing by defining health and safety standards for school premises.

Further, the division ensures its standards and development are sustained by identifying required services, then subsequently managing and supporting their implementation.

Additionally, the division both defines the scope of SLAs for outsources services and monitors their delivery.


Managing the wellbeing of ADEC school staff

The Personnel Services Division is responsible for ensuring there are sufficient qualified teachers and administration staff in all ADEC schools.

This critical administrative task includes conducting job analysis, planning for staff needs, personnel selection and orientation, job training, performance evaluation, and communication management.

The division is also accountable for the implementation and monitoring of all ADEC policies and systems relating to personnel, including matters such as occupational health, equality, diversity, and workplace safety.


Building ADEC’s professional capacity

The Professional Development Services Division was created within the objective of building the capacity of ADEC school staff. To this end, the division is responsible for the co-ordination, delivery and monitoring of all staff development activities for teachers, school administrative staff and support staff.

These activities focus on utilizing innate talent and developing the skills needed to flourish and prosper within both the ADEC community and the Emirate.


Overseeing enrolment, transfer, and after school activity services

The Student Services Division is tasked with administrative duties concerning enrolment of new students who are beginning school for the first time; student transfer at the end of an academic cycle; and student placement requests for schools outside the catchment area.

In addition to enrollment and placement services, the division also coordinates after-school activities and clubs, inviting students to grow outside of the classroom.

These enrichment activities – including sports, creative and performing arts – are fundamental for fostering an environment outside of the academic sphere where students can develop leadership and social skills and expand their knowledge of national pastimes.


Helping school principals work with all teachers to improve student learning

The School Administration Division is an important link between ADEC headquarters and schools, providing oversight and open channels of communications between decision makers.

An important link between ADEC headquarters and schools

As part of ADEC’s School Improvement plan, each cluster manager and school principal work closely together to share ideas and develop key strategies for improving school performance.

These collaborative relationships help to install progressive teaching strategies and improve learning for all students in ADEC schools. Cluster managers supervise and evaluate principals’ performances to identify key areas for improvement.

In turn, principals report to ADEC on all aspects of student achievement and the school through their respective cluster managers.


Enhancing satisfaction for ADEC customers and stakeholders

ADEC’s Customer Services Division offers a range of services to the students, parents, and educators in Abu Dhabi. It plays a key role in the organization’s overall drive to systematically improve ADEC services in the Emirate.

By collecting, processing and addressing feedback, queries, concerns or complaints from public school students, parents and staff, the Customer Services Division helps ADEC decision makers address areas for improvement.

The division also manages regional service centers which host staff from across ADEC sectors and divisions. These activities ensure the proper focus and attention go where they are needed to make a difference in education strategy.


Managing ADEC’s Infrastructure & Facilities programs and Assets in a timely and apt manner to meet the strategic needs and requirements.

Coordinate learning and administrative spaces helps support ADEC’s strategic vision for development

The Infrastructure and Facilities Division’s dedication to coordinate learning and administrative spaces helps support ADEC’s strategic vision for development by enhancing school facilities and environment in a safe and responsible manner.

As ADEC continues to grow in vision and numbers, School’s design, development and proper maintenance become increasingly critical. The division ensures that this growth is met in terms of Infrastructure & Facilitiesand the division consists of Facility Management, Asset Management, Design, Planning and Contract Management.

The division is responsible for planning, designing and execution of the construction of new schools. The Facilities Management team undertake refurbishment and maintenance of new and existing schools, ensuring school buildings are up to date in terms of quality, health and safety regulations, security. Asset Management is responsible for all ADEC assets, such as furniture, school buildings and IT facilities.