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Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.

The School Operations Sector encompasses nine divisions that collaborate effectively in enabling Abu Dhabi‘s schools to be an environment that offers a learning experience capable of transforming today’s learners to tomorrow’s leaders.

 School Planning

The School Planning Division conducts strategic planning for public schools in Abu Dhabi. It identifies the future potential. Moreover, it ensures that all are focusing on the desired goals of the academic procedure.

  1. Develop and oversee p-12 public school operating plans and procedures
  2. Consolidate public schools budgets and support financial analysis
  3. Manage consolidation of p-12 public schools procurement needs
  4. Conduct operational analysis, including student places
  5. Coordinate school master plan development with internal and external stakeholders
  6. Conduct performance analysis at both school and Emirate level

 School Services Division

Based on the vision of Abu Dhabi Education Council, and Abu Dhabi Government that entails; upgrading education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to the highest levels.

In additions to providing an attractive and ideal learning environment to insure the security, safety and health of students and teaching staff, the School Services Division; eases the burden of school administration and teaching staff in schools and support them to focus their efforts on developing the capacity and skills of students enable them to face global challenges.

This is done through the provision of certain services needed by schools, such as transport, canteens, office boys and bus supervisors.

What Are the Services We Provide?

School Transportations

This service is provided to transport students to and from public schools, kindergartens and home, taking into account the conditions of safe & comfortable transportation and performance measured for quality transportation and staffing.

In addition to other transport services, which include tours, activities and evening centers.

Bus Supervisors.

This service is provided in order to ensure students’ safety in the stages of kindergarten and first cycle schools in buses during the process of school student transport.

In addition the bus supervisor also support performing administrative duties in schools in accordance with their qualifications.

Office Boys.

Office Boys services are provided to assist school department in office work as well as providing hospitality services for visitors and management.

The office boys are required to be certified with Essential Food Safety Training, a mandatory requirement by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)..

School Canteens

School canteen service is provided through companies licensed and approved by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), the supplier and food menu is selected by the management of school services based on factors like the local delicacy & preferences, quality of food, kitchen, transport and food handler services and supplier conforming to school canteen guidelines by ADFCA & HAAD and sample approved by ADFCA. The service performance is measured through periodical visits & checks by ADEC & ADFCA to ensure provision of a healthy meal, suitable for various levels of students.

 Personnel Services Division

ADEC believes that the strength of any organization relies in its resources. Accordingly, the Personnel Service Division ensures that the resources efforts are placed where most needed. Moreover, it assures the satisfaction of all resources’ needs.

How Do We Serve?

  1. Conduct school staff manpower planning

    Personnel Services conducts manpower surveys to establish the requirements for school as part of the manpower planning process. The process is conducted every year and takes into account staff movements which includes terminations, resignations, retirements, etc. and plans the need for recruitment accordingly.

  2. Manage school staff recruitment and allocation

    Personnel Services conducts recruitment campaigns to meet the needs identified during the manpower planning stage. Recruitment teams are formed and interviews are conducted locally and overseas depending on specific school needs.

  3. Update school staff job descriptions and minimum requirements

    Personnel Services is required to review the job descriptions for positions in schools in coordination with other sectors/division as the case may be.

  4. Provide school staff support through direct and indirect channel

    Personnel Services plays an important support role for School Based Staff which includes processing of various leaves and other pay related elements.

 Professional Development Division

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~John Cotton Dana

The ADEC Division of Professional Development improves leadership, teaching and learning skills of school staff to ensure that students have the best chance for future success.

This is a critical step which will lead our nation in building a capable and sustainable workforce.

Professional Development division is devoted to improving student learning through:

  1. Developing staff professional development plans and career paths in accordance with P-12 professional development requirements
  2. Coordinate delivery of staff professional development
  3. Define and coordinate school staff appraisal process
  4. Monitor, review and manage school staff appraisal process

What Are the Benefits of Professional Development?


The ADEC Division of Professional Development aims to provide ongoing support for teachers, teacher-leaders and school leaders so that students have the best educational opportunities available to them.

In addition, ADEC Professional Development, together with the ADEC Scholarships Division, aims to support new graduates who plan to go into the teaching field by providing additional assistance and training to new Emirati teachers.

Parents and Community Members

because parent and community partnerships are at the heart of educational success for students.

The ADEC Division of Professional Development strives to incorporate community outreach into its programs because parent and community partnerships are at the heart of educational success for students.

The current PD Program taking place in 232 schools promotes community support as a requirement for PD Partner companies who work with ADEC.

In total, each school will be assisted in providing one or multiple community outreach activities each month to strengthen the role of parents in their child’s education.

In addition, these outreach activities will help students avail themselves of greater educational opportunities both inside and outside of school.


The ADEC Division of Professional Development focuses on preparing school leaders and teachers to achieve the ADEC Professional Standards and supports school leaders to more efficiently lead their schools. In addition, two key aims of the Professional Development Division are as follows:

  1. To facilitate an ongoing self-improvement process for all teachers and school leaders.
  2. To provide comprehensive programs for ADEC schools so that school leaders can incorporate and develop self-sustaining Professional Development in schools.

Finally, the Professional Development Division continuously analyzes and supports new initiatives to bring the greater good to our region’s students through sustainable improvements in the quality of instruction.


Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida are partnering with the PD Division

The ADEC Division of Professional Development continually engages with various partner companies that provide educational services to ADEC educators and, ultimately, benefit ADEC students. Initiatives include Arabic literacy, English literacy/IELTS, standards in education, and a comprehensive program addressing the needs of school leaders and teachers.

At the current time, the Professional Development Division is working closely with the following regional partners. Center for British Teachers for Education, LLC (CfBT), Cognition Education, GEMS Education Solutions of Premier Schools International, LLC (GEMS), Nord Anglia Education, and Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), in 232 schools.

In addition, Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida are partnering with the PD Division to provide educational opportunities and improvements in a various schools within ADEC.

 Student Services Division

Our Responsibilities

The School Operations Sector has an oversight over all the public schools in Abu Dhabi Emirate. It has the responsibility for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the schools. Student Services Division is one of the Divisions under the School Operations Sector.

The key areas that frame the direction of the Division are

  • Process student enrolment and maintain student records
  • Administer student assessments according to required standards
  • Manage the operation of all school Learning Resource Centers (LRCs)
  • Promote health awareness and manage health provision
  • Facilitate the provision of student counseling and career guidance services
  • Coordinate extra-curricular activities

Our Services to Ensure Efficient Administration

  • To ensure an efficient and transparent process of student admissions, transfers and the provision of student transportation.
  • To ensure assessment and examination are carried out in line with the standards laid down by the Assessment Division in the P-12 Sector as well as in accordance with Federal policy.
  • To safeguard the smooth operation and accuracy of the eSIS.
  • To coordinate information dissemination to parents and other relevant stakeholders on examination and student performance.
  • To develop and provide resources to the ongoing operation of all public school LRCs in the Emirate to support teaching and learning, and meet the educational needs of students.
  • To coordinate the delivery of health and wellness programs as prescribed by the Health and Wellness Division in the P-12 Sector.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of career and further education information to support students in making informed decision in their educational transitions or education-to-work transitions.
  • To coordinate with appropriate external entities for the provision of high quality healthcare in all public schools for both the students and staff in the Emirate.

Our Services for Individual Enrichment and Guidance

  • To encourage the joy of reading and learning among students.
  • To ensure student guidance services are effective in assisting students with their personal and developmental issues so as to empower them to live a more resourceful life.
  • To ensure extra-curricular activities meet the needs of, and are accessible to, all the students in the Emirate
  • To promote and coordinate the provision of extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of students. Examples of activities are:
    • Jiu Jitsu Program – The program not only improves the health and fitness of the participants, but is also an invaluable form of self-defense. It instills discipline, self-confidence, self-control, perseverance, fair play and teamwork.
    • Sayfuna Mumayaz – It is a program that provides participants with the opportunities to involve in a variety of learning experiences that are fun and at the same time enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities. The activities range from art and craft to physical activities to various educational programs. It was specially designed with the aim to improve the academic performance of students in the areas of English language, Information Technology and life skills.
    • Summer Challenge – It is about providing a variety of positive learning experiences through interactive and innovative programs in key subject areas such as English, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. It develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participants.
    • Summer Abroad – It is a program that helps to advance the skills of high-achieving Grades 10 and 11 national students. The students were sent to different cities in the world to develop their independency and leadership skills.

How do we help?

Effort will be made to admit every national student who seeks an education in the public school.

We help by working with all the public schools in the Emirate for the benefit and development of the students.

Effort will be made to admit every national student who seeks an education in the public school. We endeavor to enrich the learning experiences of students by managing and coordinating the quality provision of library resources, health and wellness programs, student guidance services as well as extra-curricular activities that encourage the development of creativity, communication and problem solving skills.

We will strive to provide services that will cater for the well-being of the students academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

 School Administration Division

School Administration Division is the link between ADEC HQ and schools.

As such, other Divisions seek to engage Cluster Managers in formulating strategies for implementation at the school level.

All ADEC communications to schools are provided to Cluster Managers to ensure implementation and compliance.

Cluster Managers work closely with a group of Principals to increase their capacity for effective educational leadership of the school community.

School Administration Division is the link between ADEC HQ and schools.

Cluster Managers also supervise and line-manage Principals to ensure that ADEC policies and initiatives are implemented fully so that both teaching and learning will improve within a safe and stimulating environment for students.

The Principal is supported by the Cluster Manager to ensure that daily school operations are effective and efficient, and engage the appropriate stakeholders such as students, parents and staff.

Additionally teams of Cluster Managers evaluate and report to ADEC on the performance of principals, and ensure that each Principal is engaged in challenging professional development to meet the requirements of a Performance Development Plan.

Reports on school performance, critical incidents and special achievements and celebrations are provided to ADEC through the Cluster Managers.

 Customer Service Division

ADEC believes that customer satisfaction is the success thermometer of any organization. Driven from this belief, ADEC has established its Customer Service Division to serve as a contact center for students, parents, and educators queries.

Our Strategy

  1. Exceptional service is the main success factor
  2. Clients’ required services are ordinary, but we must deliver them in an extraordinary way

What Services Do We Offer?

  1. Collect , process, in corporate and address feedback , queries and complaints from public schools students, parents and staff
  2. Deploy and manage regional service centers

Where Can You Find Our Service Centers?

Abu Dhabi Head Quarters

P.O. Box36005, Abu Dhabi, UAE.Tel Number: + 971 2 615 0000

Fax Number: +971 2 615 0555

School Operations Sector

P.O. Box70713, Abu Dhabi, UAE.Tel Number: + 971 2 6653000

Fax Number: +9712 665 9994

Al Ain office

P.O. Box1008, Al Ain, UAE.Tel Number: +971 3 7078000

Fax Number: +971 3 763 2006

Gharbia office

P.O. Box50011, Gharbia, UAE.Tel Number: + 971 2 8847223

Fax Number: +971 3 763 2006

 Infrastructure and Facilities Division

What Do We Do?

  1. Plan locations of new schools in coordination with the School Planning Division and P-12 Policy Sector requirements.

    The Planning Section works primarily with the Urban Planning Council to understand assess new demand for real estate growth as well as population growth in which this translates to how many new schools are required in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    The planning consists of looking at various angles such as closed school, mergers, refurbishments and new schools. The overall process is based on the ADEC Master Plans with the ‘Office of Strategic Affairs’ in ADEC for Schools.

    Further collaboration is undertaken with School Planning Division for staffing requirements and P-12 Sector for curriculum development and improvements.

  2. Manage construction programs in coordination with sectors through external providers.

    The Building Contracts Section, within the Facilities and Infrastructure Division, is responsible for the Project Management and all contractual aspects with the Service Providers/Consultants/Contractors and other government entities who are engaged to build the educational facilities for the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

  3. Develop and revise as required P-12 school designs.

    The Design Section reviews the designs produced by the consultants hired by Musanada in terms of:

    1- Functionality, 2- Aesthetics, and 3- compliance with the requirements stated in our Design Manual. Reviews are done through weekly meetings with consultants and project managers, and an intense process of consultation is run in parallel to assure that the designs we obtained, meet the expectations of P-12, school operations and ADEC’s leadership.

Our Agenda for 2030

Abu Dhabi aims to be "a contemporary expression of an Arab city, with people, living, doing business and thriving in healthy, supportive, proximity to each other", with education defined as "a pillar that shall enable Abu Dhabi to meet standards of excellence achieved in the most highly educated countries of the world", and with the "highest quality, comprehensive system of education that applies world class standards and expertise".

High quality education systems operate from facilities that are safe, attractive, appropriate for learning, Environmentally friendly and enriching to all members of the communities they serve. These Requirements are incorporated into the below chart.

ADEC expects that all school facilities will be:

  1. Educationally Effective provide superior teaching and learning environments that accommodates present and future needs.
  2. Stimulating and Vibrant provide environments that stimulate creativity and provide vibrancy.
  3. Healthy and Productive enable students and teachers to achieve maximum potential by providing healthy, safe, and comfortable environments.
  4. Cost Effective provide facilities that save both, capital as well as operating costs over time by being efficient to build, maintain, and operate.
  5. Sustainable minimize environmental impacts and maximize the use of nonpolluting, renewable resources.
  6. Community Centered and Culturally Appropriate ‐ create schools that are integral parts of their surrounding communities.

If you are interested to know more about ADEC New School Design, please download the Design Manual.

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