Get to know us

Get to know us

Support Services

"Committed to maintaining ADEC’s corporate status within the education community"

Support Services strives to act as a foundation for organization management and development.

With the continual aim of advancing ADEC’s strategic vision for the future of education in Abu Dhabi, Support Services provides specialized knowledge and support for the vital sectors of:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • General Services
  • Information and Communication Technology

Our high quality support and maintenance services help ADEC maintain its corporate status and valuable role in the education field.

 Human Resources Division

"Managing the continual development of ADEC’s team of professionals"

We establish professional development and appraisal programs

Our Human Resources management team continually develops core HR policies and procedures, ensuring ADEC has the foundation and workforce it needs to build a solid future.

Our specialists work to place employees in positions that highlight their potential and maximize their contribution to the company.

In addition to managing all aspects of the recruitment process, we establish professional development and appraisal programs which enhance the skills of our ever-expanding team of professionals.

 Finance Division

"Managing, maintaining and reporting Council’s fund and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting and regulatory standards."

The Finance Division performs following activities to support council’s objectives:

  • Ensuring that budgets and reports are accurately and efficiently managed
  • Maintaining and reconciling general ledger accounts
  • Administering and managing invoicing, receivables, and payables
  • Assessing and registering assets
  • Defining contract payment terms and conditions; settling contract fees
  • Approving and processing school budgets
  • Defining and administering the scholarship budget
  • Validating payroll

 Procurement and Contracts Management Division

"Supporting ADEC divisions with optimal procurement policies, processes and procedures"

The Procurement and Contracts Management Division works closely with all sectors within ADEC

As a core division within the Support Services Sector that integrates an extensive set of processes and functions, the Procurement and Contracts Management Division works closely with all sectors within ADEC, starting from the planning of supply to achieve the strategic initiatives put forward in view of actual needs, analyzing the spends for previous periods, passing through the supplier management, setting conditions of supply, bidding, awarding, then ending with a final settlement and evaluate supplier performance.

Effective procurement and contracts management plays an essential role in the organization through its primary position in the Supply Chain. By effectively managing risk and cost, the Division directly contributes to ADEC’s success in the education community.

 General Services Division

"Providing core back-office administrative support"

The General Services Division provides much-needed administrative support in various areas. As an organization that employs skilled workers from all around the world, ADEC requires continual support in the areas of visa, transport, and accommodation.

Our Division processes these back-office administrative duties to ensure general services run seamlessly.

 Information and Communication Technology Division

"Defining ADEC’s ICT standards and services"

The Information & Communication Technology Division provides strategic vision, initiatives, leadership, and enterprise solutions to all stakeholders so they can meet their goals, deliver results, and enable the organization’s goals to transform education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to the highest international standards.