How do we help

How do we help

Support Services

"Committed to maintaining ADEC’s corporate status within the education community"

Our mission is to ensure service quality. To that end, we provide back-office support for staff; budgetary management that ensures ADEC has the resources it needs to realize its strategic goals; and general corporate support wherever it is needed.

Our objectives include:

  • Providing guidance to various offices
  • Directing teaching staff through corporate processes
  • Guaranteeing the realization of corporate objectives

For further information about the sectors within the Support Services division, click on any of the offices listed below.

 Human Resources Division

"Managing the continual development of ADEC’s team of professionals"

We strive to define and communicate the company’s staffing needs in order to recruit top local, regional, and international talent. In addition to our task of helping to address the needs of both employers and employees, we also:

  • Review and update company structure
  • Update and post job descriptions and openings, and recruit the best talent for all company divisions
  • Manage and administer payroll
  • Manage employee relations
  • Guide new recruits through the employment processes

 Finance Division

"Managing, maintaining and reporting Council’s fund and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting and regulatory standards."

Finance Division provides financial planning (budgeting) decision support and reporting services for the optimal utilization of council’s funds that directly support and influence the Council’s core objectives.

Finance division ensures compliance with applicable accounting, reporting, regulatory standards and best practices.

 Procurement and Contracts Management Division

"Supporting ADEC divisions with optimal procurement policies, processes and procedures"

By establishing a world class supply chain management functions for ADEC, our division ensures integrity within the procurement process and competitive access to the required goods and services, ensure that they meet the quality, delivery time and location, and obtained at appropriate cost.

In addition, to optimizing procurement policies, processes, and procedures, we are responsible for:

  • Defines sourcing strategy.
  • Develops and maintains a consistent commercial database for ADEC suppliers.
  • Develops and implements a green procurement associated with public policy organizations.

Meanwhile, we are keen to maintain the transparency and clarity in dealing with the markets by a constant quest for the exercise of all procurement activities a way that provides full opportunity to the qualified suppliers, ensure that all purchases completed in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

 General Services Division

"Providing core back-office administrative support"

We assist in various administrative duties for both ADEC and non-school entities, including:

  • Back-office administrative duties such as visas, transportation, and accommodation
  • Translation services
  • Management of outsourced services such as cleaning, catering, security, transportation, and office help

 Information and Communication Technology Division

"Defining ADEC’s ICT standards and services"

The ICT Division strives to offer a verity of key services including:

  • ICT Strategy development and implementation of enterprise systems
  • Provision and operation of information and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Service Delivery and end-user support
  • Information Security & compliance