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 Strategic Planning Special Projects Division

  • Lead development of ADEC’s corporate strategy
  • Develop and coordinate planning initiatives at the corporate level
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of policy initiatives supporting ADEC’s priorities
  • Supply timely and relevant policy advice
  • Maintain strategic alignment throughout the policy and planning process
  • Respond to and manage special requests from leadership
  • Provide support to sectors in defining and planning strategic initiatives
  • Oversee Change Management functions as required

 Global Partnerships

  • Develop and review policies for establishing educational partnerships and joint ventures
  • Coordinate planning and contractual efforts for major collaborations
  • Pre-screen, evaluate and review partnership proposals from external organizations
  • Provide guidance to new joint ventures, as well as ongoing management, advice and assistance throughout the lifetime of the partnership
  • Monitor performance of spin-offs and partner educational institutions

 Program and Performance Management

  • Coordinate, support and consolidate development of operating plans
  • Continuously monitor, track and report on strategic initiative progress
  • Ensure strategic alignment between business objectives and project portfolios
  • Standardize project management practices across the organization
  • Ensure that project accountability and responsibilities are clearly defined
  • Highlight project dependencies and interdependencies
  • Highlight project risks and formulate risk mitigation strategies
  • Guide project quality assurance and PMO processes
  • Consolidate information and report on performance for internal and external reporting requirements

 Knowledge Management

  • Consolidate education-related data and information from internal information systems and external sources
  • Build and manage key enterprise reporting tools/systems and provide business intelligence reports and dashboards
  • Develop School Master Plan to guide future adaptation based on supply and demand
  • Conduct regular data analyses, spatial analyses, forecasting and benchmarking
  • Support Performance Management team in generating and publishing reports on education sector performance, statistics, etc.
  • Support Strategic Planning, research projects, and other government organizations with data, indicators, statistics and special reports
  • Issue statistical publications and reports for general public