Office of Planning & Strategic Affairs
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Office of Planning & Strategic Affairs

Get to know us:

OPSA advises ADEC leadership and assists sector management to ensure that ADEC achieves its vision and mission. The office coordinates ADEC’s planning activities by developing strategic and operational plans, while providing analytical support to improve organizational performance and effectiveness. OPSA manages the strategy execution process in close coordination with other sectors to facilitate the implementation and help provide solutions when needed.

OPSA coordinates ADEC’s information collection and analysis in order to track performance and make strategy or policy recommendations as appropriate.  

The office responds to internal and external queries and conducts targeted studies on key management issues, as directed by the Director General. Additionally, OPSA regularly interfaces with relevant government entities to monitor the progress of the educational system, share key findings and report on ADEC’s corporate performance.

OPSA also provides strategy execution support by building strong global partnerships with premier educational institutions, which contributes to the development of a world-class education system and knowledge-producing society in Abu Dhabi. 

How Do We Help:

The Office of Planning and Strategic Affairs (OPSA) supports ADEC leadership on all strategic matters concerning education in Abu Dhabi. OPSA, through its four divisions, collaborates with various stakeholders to elevate the quality of education across the Emirate and supports the advancement of a world-class education system.

Strategic Planning and Special Projects

Program & Performance Management

Knowledge Management

Global Partnerships