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Office of Research & Planning

“Insight must precede application.” - Max Planck

ADEC’s Office of Research and Planning is the Emirate’s principal authority for research, surveying, and problem solving in didactics. It acts as a catalyst for educational development by identifying, coordinating, and executing research strategies which directly address community and stakeholder needs by:

  • identifying areas of policy and strategic research for ADEC
  • studying and preparing a list of priority research areas
  • designing a mechanism for efficient identification of future priority research for ADEC
  • developing a strategic plan with long-term priority research agenda
  • conducting research and managing outsourced research projects to assist ADEC in making informed decisions and policies
  • conducting regular surveys to assess the satisfaction of various education stakeholders
  • building ADEC’s research and innovation capability
  • promoting and assisting researchers in conducting exciting and innovative educational research

By supporting ADEC’s mission with strategic research projects, customized survey assessments, and distinguished publications, the Office of Research and Planning works to recognize key issue areas and help create solutions that lay a solid foundation for ADEC policy makers.