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Establishing principles of organizational development, organizational excellence and efficiency for ADEC, enabling and empowering people, systems and processes.

In 2012, the Office of Organizational Development and Excellence (OD&E) evolved from the Quality and Efficiency Unit.

This evolution came as a natural result of the progressive development of the role OD&E’s three pillars; Organizational Development - Organizational Excellence - Organizational Efficiency to enable the execution of ADEC’s strategic objectives collaboratively by establishing and maintaining the organization design and the business architecture, ensuring systematic alignment with business excellence principles and practices and, finally, managing key efficiency-related projects to continually optimize resources allocation and utilization across the entire system.

As it stands today, the key functions in the Office of OD&E are:

Organizational Development Organizational Excellence Organizational Efficiency Emiratization
• Organization Design
• Emiratization
• Organizational Governance and Institutional Development
• Organization Competency Framework
• Integrated Business Architecture
• Standardization & Innovation
• Process Excellence
• Organizational Self-Assessments
• Excellence Awards
• Organizational Culture audits
• Operational Efficiency Optimization and Assurance of Effective Utilization of Resources
• External Efficiency and Economics of Education
• Special Efficiency Projects
• Policy development & implementation for the training and recruitment of UAE Nationals
• Develop and support National capabilities and qualifications
• Skill and knowledge transfer programs