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Establishing principles of organizational development, organizational excellence and efficiency for ADEC, enabling and empowering people, systems and processes.

The three functions of OD&E work seamlessly together and share a common feature which is the development and support of collaborative efforts within and across ADEC.

At the strategic level OD&E partners with the functions of the Office of Planning and Strategic Affairs (OPSA) regarding strategy execution and alignment of the organization design and business architecture as well as alignment of data and performance indicators. OD&E supports the sectors of ADEC operationally through continuous improvement and efficiency initiatives.

In light of ADEC’s aspirations, there are several performance drivers for the Office of Organization Development and Excellence to develop, enable and empower the People, Systems and Processes at ADEC:

Leaders for Tomorrow:

Developing the people side of organizational capabilities and ensuring ADEC has an Emirati talent pool to support Abu Dhabi Government’s Nationalization agenda.

Performance Culture & Health Checks:

Create structured, integrated business architecture and organization structure to create a performance culture that achieves organizational objectives. Promote healthy organizational culture and conduct periodic health checks via structured self-assessment methodology.

Delivering Value:

Deliver optimal and sustainable public and economic value to ensure economic viability, operational efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction.

Revue and definition and efficiency initiatives in line with ADEC’s current budgetary outlay and in light of current limitations.

Operator to Regulator:

Setting the stage internally and building capabilities and supporting systems to fulfilling the Abu Dhabi Government’s evolving Education demands and Transformation Journey from being an Operator to a Regulator.

Continuous Improvement:

Continuously ensuring that the full cycles of improvement are implemented effectively to ensure that ADEC has capable people, appropriate cross-functional systems and streamlined and automated processes all geared to reach the educational, financial and operational goals set for ADEC.