How do we help

The Strategic Communications Section

The Strategic Communications Section provides the following services:

  • Develop communication strategies in support of ADEC’s initiatives.
  • Develop core content about ADEC’s initiatives.
  • Evaluate sponsorship proposals in terms of contribution to ADEC’s strategy fulfilment.
  • Lead ADEC’s participation in press releases and communication related industry awards.

 The Media section

The Media Section provides the following services:

  • Advises leadership on media related issues.
  • Provides media monitoring services including print, television, radio, online and social media.
  • Publicizes media coverage reports to internal and external stakeholders in order to raise awareness.
  • Facilitates media training to ADEC’s leadership population.
  • Constantly updates ADEC’s website with latest information and news
  • Secures media coverage for ADEC’s initiatives and events.
  • Manages relationships with local and international media to ensure effective communication.
  • Develops television and radio programs to maximize coverage on ADEC initiatives.
  • Utilizes social media platforms in publicizing ADEC’s initiatives and events.

 The Events and Marketing section

The Events and Marketing Section Provides the following services:

  • Develops and implements marketing campaigns to support various initiatives.
  • Facilitates media buying services for advertising campaigns both locally and internationally.
  • Facilitates photography and videography services for various events.
  • Produces marketing collateral (banners, flyers, brochures) in support of various initiatives.
  • Monitors corporate brand compliance to ensure the brand’s values, look, feel and tone of voice are reflected properly.
  • Provides event management services to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provides protocol services to ADEC’s leadership and VIP guests in all settings.
  • Provides gift item supplies for various occasions tailored for different stakeholders.