Our Education System
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Our Education System

Education in Abu Dhabi is organized into three main categories: public schools, private schools and higher education.

Information on all these is contained in this section of our website:

  • Our public schools range from kindergartens to adult education centres. The core learning years (from Grade 1–12) are divided into three cycles. This section gives overviews of all these, including the admission and registration criteria and process for each.
  • There are currently around 185 private schools in Abu Dhabi. ADEC’s role with these institutions covers issues such as quality assurance.
  • Finally, our Emirate has 18 higher education institutions, enabling students to pursue study to advanced levels. This section contains an overview of these, plus detailed information on the sponsorship and internship schemes available.

If you have any further questions regarding the education system in Abu Dhabi, please get in touch.