P12 Education
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P12 Education

ADEC use the P-12 system to organize education from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

This section covers the Divisions through which the ADEC initiatives and priorities are implemented.

  • In 2009, ADEC launched a 10-year Strategic Plan, to address challenges facing public education..
  • The New School Model is the foundation on which all education in the Emirate is structured so that it can develop into truly world-class system for the benefits of the students and the UAE.
  • The Library Management team is working to improve the resources and facilities available.
  • Key to this is the Library Upgrade Project. This is transforming traditional school libraries into 21st century Learning Resource Centers.
  • Facilities & Infrastructure Division sets the standards and criteria on which new facilities are built and renovated, in support of a new way of teaching, learning and managing schools.
  • Information and Communication Technology Division provides world-class services so that students can learn in a modern digital environment, helping all students to reach their full potential.
  • This section also provides the Public Schools Calendar noting the holidays periods.

If you have any further questions about any aspect of P-12 education in ADEC schools, please contact us.