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Projects & Programs

ADEC prides itself on being a dynamic and innovative organization.
"National Day" Every year we hold numerous events to mark and celebrate this day, involving thousands of students across the Emirate.

We’re constantly running a number of initiatives: from internal improvement schemes, to ways of bringing unique aspects into the educational syllabus.

Every project we launch has a clear purpose

Every project we launch has a clear purpose. Similarly, each is monitored to ensure it delivers what we want it to.

To give you an idea of the variety and nature of typical projects, this section contains brief overviews of some current activities.

Please click through for more detail on any of these.

They include:

  • Al Houbara. This indigenous bird has been chosen as a theme around which our students can study national heritage and conservation issues.

  • Jiu-Jitsu. We’re promoting student participation in this sport, as a way of helping them develop physically, mentally and socially.

  • Online statistical tool. This initiative is providing a platform where key information can be accessed anywhere anytime, from within the ADEC portal.

  • e-Performance Evaluation. In 2011, we introduced a new, state-of-the-art system for assessing the performance of principals and teachers in our schools.

  • eSIS. To enhance parental involvement in students’ education, this online portal enables them to access information, including records of academic progress.

  • Transportation Analysis. We’re working with the Emirate Transport Institute to make school transport as safe and efficient as possible.

  • iAdec. Our free iPhone/iPad app, through which parents can check school locations, receive news updates and contact us with enquiries.

  • Summer programs. We continue providing education during this time. Sayfuna Mumayaz is a free program for grades 2 to 11. Summer Abroad is a popular program for high-achieving Grade 10 and 11 National students.

  • National Day. Every year we hold numerous events to mark and celebrate this day, involving thousands of students across the Emirate.

  • Villa Schools. We’re currently phasing out this style of education, by helping institutions to relocate their facilities, staff and students.

If you have any questions regarding our special projects, please get in touch.