Health Promotion Program Brief
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School Health Promotion Programs Brief

Title of the program*
Applicant Name*
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Applicant Organization*
1. Please provide the names of all organizations participating in this program, with a brief description of each organization and their vision and mission. *
2. Please provide an overall description of the program being proposed. Explain the health issue and the need for this program in Abu Dhabi schools referring to suitable evidence. *
3. What is the target group of this program? *
(Ex: age, grade, gender, nationality, location, etc…)
4. List all resources required for implementation of this program. *
  1. Human Resources (including expected assistance from the school staff):

  2. Equipment:

  3. Facilities:

  4. Financial Budget (upload a detailed budget):

    Detailed Financial Budget document: <1MB
  5. Other:

5. List and describe the specific activities to be implemented and the evidence-basis for these activities, and the tentative timelines. *
ActivityTimeline(from - to)
6. List specific and measurable outputs for the program. *
(Ex: by the end of the last session students will be able to list 10 harms of smoking)
7. Please state the expected outcomes of this project. Outcomes describe specific and measurable benefits of the project, based on the planned activities. *
(Ex: if you are planning to deliver knowledge based sessions about the harms of passive smoking, then the outcomes could relate to a percent increase in knowledge among students regarding the harms of passive smoking)

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