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Education in Abu Dhabi

ADEK is responsible for managing, guiding, adopting and implementing various educational development strategies and initiatives in Abu Dhabi.

Our aims: to put students first; develop a modern, innovative and world-class system; and help develop the citizens that our future society and economy will need.

This section sets out many of the initiatives and programs involved in that. It also describes the various types of institutions and curriculums we provide.

  • Our Education System lists the three main types of education in Abu Dhabi: Public Schools, Private Schools and Higher Education. Comprehensive details on each are given.

  • As well as our core activities, we implement a number of Key Initiatives, across a diverse range of areas. These are described here.

  • Projects and Programs highlights typical activities we offer outside the normal curriculum, from sporting pursuits to summer schools, and services for parents such as our ADEK Services app.

  • For those interested in the past, Education History in Abu Dhabi paints a picture of the foundations and context to our current system.

  • This section contains our School Calendar and Holidays and also provides Examination Schedules.

  • The section on P-12 Education covers the main initiatives and Divisions through which we are working to improve this area of education.

  • Alongside our public school system, there are also Private Schools throughout Abu Dhabi.

  • Higher Education is a major growth area in the Emirate. We now have 18 HE institutions, offering a superb range of courses and facilities.

  • Finally, we have collected a number of Testimonials, to give personal opinions on how education in Abu Dhabi has changed, and our role in this.

If you have any further questions about Education in our Emirate, please get in touch.