Teachers' & Principals' Evaluation
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Teachers' & Principals' Evaluation

The Performance Evaluation process gives a good understanding of the quality of performance for school staff.

At various school levels, it provides a good understanding of development needed to improve student achievement and to progress the strategic goals.

The process engages each school leader and teacher and helps them identify areas that require particular attention and professional development. Some of the questions that the evaluation process helps answer include:

  • To what extent does the Principal demonstrate educational leadership competencies within the whole school community?
  • What are the areas identified for performance development that will assist the Principal to lead the ADEC reform agenda and improve both teaching and learning for students?

ADEC has established Professional Standards for Principals and Teachers. These Professional Standards are statements of the professional attributes, professional knowledge and understanding, and professional skills required of teachers and principals. The standards provide clarity about the level of performance based on international best practice.

 Professional Standards for Teachers

The Professional Standards for Teachers are used as a core part of the process of continual professional development and evaluation of teachers.Teachers are evaluated based on four teaching standards

  • The Profession
    Including Self-reflection, Performance development, Collaboration and Leadership.
  • The Curriculum
    Including Knowledge, Learning Resources, Planning and preparation, and Assessment.
  • The Classroom
    Including Effective teaching and Learning Differentiation, Classroom management, and Safe learning environment
  • The Community
    Including Parents, Reporting, Relationships, and Communication

For each standard, indicators of real evidence of performance have been developed, and are intended to clarify what should be happening in classrooms as teachers aim to master teaching and learning strategies for students at the highest possible level.

 Performance Evaluation and Performance Levels

The results of the evaluation serve as the basis of each teacher’s professional development plan.

Principals are responsible for the performance evaluation process of teachers and faculty heads in schools. The ADEC online performance evaluation system is used so that schools can develop an understanding of the requirements for professional development for the immediate future. The results of the evaluation serve as the basis of each teacher’s professional development plan.

Teachers are mostly evaluated on the evidence of their classroom performance.. Some of the indicators integrated in a teacher’s classroom performance include: ensuring students are engaged in learning, treating students with respect, creating a safe environment for all students to learn, providing constructive feedback to students/parents, and creating an environment that makes prudent use of resource.A post observation conference is organized and all 18 indicators are used against the four standards at the five performance levels below

  • Pre-Foundation, where the teacher is not meeting the performance indicators or is meeting them at only a basic level. The teacher on this level needs to be supported to improve performance immediately, and with a documented Performance Development Plan.
  • Foundation, which is satisfactory level, but indicates areas for immediate improvement in performance in the best interests of the students. where the teacher is partially meeting some of the performance indicators
  • Emerging, which is a good level of performance, and where the teacher is made aware of areas in which performance can be improved. The teacher on this level will usually be personally responsible for developing performance to the next level.
  • Established, which is a very good level of performance, and where the teacher is consistently meeting most performance indicators to a high level.
  • Accomplished, which is performance at an internationally recognised excellent level, and where the teacher is consistently meeting most performance indicators to a very high level.

Based on the performance level, the Principal provides formative feedback to the teacher. The school principal, along with the Head of Faculty, work with each teacher to set goals for the year and create an individual performance development plan.

Individual Performance Development Plans specify how teachers can improve their delivery of instruction relative to the Professional Standards for Teachers. In Kindergarten and Cycle 1 schools, the performance development plan will address the pedagogical concepts of the New School Model. Teachers in Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 schools will develop Individual Performance Development Plans that are based both on regular self-assessment by the teacher and classroom observations of the teacher, which will be conducted by Principals and Vice-Principals.

 Professional Standards for Principals

The core purpose of the principal is to provide professional educational leadership and management for a school community, and to promote a commitment to all staff achieving high standards in all areas of the school’s work. The most important indicator is the extent to which the Principal leads the improvement of teaching and learning so that the students continue to improve their learning outcomes.

The principal provides leadership and direction.

The principal provides leadership and direction, within the framework of the ADEC Strategic Plan, enabling a shared vision for the school, and ensures that it is managed and organised to meet its aims and targets.

The professional Standards for Principals are set in five areas. These five key areas, when taken together, represent the role of the principal.

  • Leading Strategically
  • Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Leading the Organization
  • Leading People
  • Leading the Community

Cluster Managers evaluate school principals and vice principals on those different standards.
ADEC improves leadership, teaching and learning skills of school staff to ensure that students have the best chance for future success. This is a critical step which will lead our nation in building a capable and sustainable workforce.