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Guiding Teachers

ADEC sees teachers as playing a vital role to school and student success. In our vision, they are partners in the plan to create a world class education system.

Teachers help turn the youth of today into the nation of tomorrow. With Abu Dhabi on a path to becoming a major economic player, their contribution towards nurturing our students into confident, empowered leaders is immense.

The challenge and the opportunity

Teaching in Abu Dhabi is a unique and rewarding experience. It is an incredible opportunity for Educators to be a driver of change, implementing reform initiatives that will create a truly modern and innovative education system.

Teaching in Abu Dhabi is a unique and rewarding experience.

As a teacher, you play a crucial role in the overall development of our society: equipping and empowering our youth with the skills and knowledge they will use throughout their lives. 

You serve on the front line every day, engaging with students and challenging them to maximize their potential.

The heart of the reform is developing students with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities. With your help, students will grow into independent thinkers with the ability to create, innovate, and support the economic and social progression of our Emirate.

How ADEC helps

To help teachers and educators on this journey, ADEC has created a Teacher Guidebook. This helps teachers understand the key beliefs, values, and guiding principles of our New School Model.

ADEC sponsors training programs to aid teachers in professional development

Key differences include the approach to teaching methods, staffing structure, curriculum, infrastructure, assessment, evaluation, and family involvement.

It is an educator’s role to embody the fundamental beliefs of the model: that all children are capable of learning, and that teachers are responsible for student learning.

One of the most important practices teachers can adopt to support education reform is to make constant development of their own skills a priority.

That is why ADEC also sponsors training programs to aid teachers in professional development.