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Getting In

Teaching vacancy

If you are interested to take part in preparing Abu Dhabi next generations, follow the below procedures.
  1. Checking public service centers in educational offices
  2. Applicants will be directed to issue criminal record clearance and medical status report.
  3. Attach the documents listed below:
    • 3 new portrait photos (with white background)
    • Copy of valid passport, birth certificate, ID and marriage contract (if married)
  4. Visit the center again to deliver all required documents

 Required Documents

  1. 1. The original certificate of educational qualifications (university certificate)

    In case, the educator is graduated from a university outside Emirates, then the certificate has to be authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the country’s embassy in Emirates.

    The academic qualification shall be attested as follows: (university, ministry of foreign affairs and the UAE Embassy in the country)

  3. Attested Certificate of Experience and a photocopy of it providing the term of experience in day, month and year, and on condition of continuous teaching for 3 consecutive academic years (non-nationals).
  4. Certificate of experience (for non-nationals)

  5. 3 photocopies of the passport
  6. A Certificate of “To Whom It May Concern” issued by the bank revealing the account number
  7. Two copies of the Birth Certificate highlighting the details of the birth date in month, day, and year.
  8. Marriage Certificate attested, if any.
  9. 4 portrait photos (with white background).
  10. A Salary Certificate of the (husband/wife) authorized by his/her workplace
  11. The medical examination report and a photocopy
  12. The certificate of good conduct shall be attached.
  13. For Nationals Only:
    • The Children’s Birth Certificate is required
    • 3 photocopies of the Family Book + 3 photocopies of the identity
  14. Original official documents shall be brought for correspondence

What Happens Next?

After screening all delivered documents, and ensuring its accuracy, you will be notified with the location of your school, and all the relevant information you need before joining.

 Registration Terms & Conditions

  1. The applicant must have obtained a university degree in the specialty required with a minimum grade of good
  2. Applicants born before 1/1/1965 are not eligible to apply
  3. The non-national applicants must have a working experience of two years in any school. The applicant’s working experience has to include the pervious school joining and resignation date. Moreover, it has to be attested.
  4. The candidate has to obtain (IELTS) Certificate in the following:
    • English (Academic IELTS) 6.5
    • Mathematics and Information Technology 5.5
    • Learning Recourse Center 0.4

    Please Note :

    • Priority in recruitment will be given to nationals
    • Preference is given to ICDL holders.
  5. Conditions change as work need changes annually.