Parent Assistant (eSIS)
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Parent Assistant (eSIS)

​Aiming to enhance parental involvement in students’ education, ADEC has launched eSIS.

eSIS is a reliable flexible, sociable, sustainable and interoperable service that was introduced by ADEC to encourage parents to engage in their children’s academic performance.

 How eSIS Make Monitoring Your Child’s Education Easier?

Parents Assistant displays all students information for students from kindergarten to Grades 12, parents and/or guardians are granted access to view student demographic information, medical information, citizenship details, parent/emergency contact/sibling details, attendance, calendar, school holidays, and academic progress.

Moreover, the program features a messaging service that allows parents to view the messages sent to them by student’s teacher or other staff user.

 How Does the Academic Progress Screen Help Parents?

The Academic Progress screen enables parents to access their child’s curriculum marks for the current school year broken out by subjects and reporting periods.

A Student Standardized Testing tab is available to help users view standardized test records for a student. The current standardized test in schools is EMSA (English, Math, Science and Arabic).

 What Are the Advantages of eSIS?

  1. Increases transparency and efficiency of school.
  2. Grants parents with access to their children records and performance which will engage them more in developing their academic life.
  3. The increased parental engagement enhance ADEC’s educational reform.

Parent Assistant offers parents the ability to view student information from anywhere in which they have access to the internet.

This open, yet secure, distribution of information serves to improve the effectiveness of parental involvement in student education.