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One of Department of Education and Knowledge's (ADEK) strategic goals is to deliver a high quality education system that enables all learners to reach their full potential to support Abu Dhabi’s growth and prosperity, and to develop the Human Capital of the Emirate.

The Abu Dhabi education system will prepare all learners to contribute to, and be competitive in, the global society while preserving national identity, local culture and traditions.

ADEK has developed strategic plans to set out its approach towards creating the highest quality

ADEK has developed strategic plans to set out its approach towards creating the highest quality, comprehensive system of education based on world-class standards and expertise. The creation of a high quality Human Capital will support sustainable economic growth and diversification for Abu Dhabi.

One of the important methods used to support education reform and strategic goals in Abu Dhabi is the establishment of partnerships with leading international institutions that offer world-class educational opportunities.

Partnerships in both higher education and the P-12 system have been and continue to be established.

What are ADEK’s objectives to global partnerships?

  • Building bridges between cultures and systems of education
  • Transferring the best knowledge in different fields of expertise
  • Fast track know how transfer and build on generations of experiences
  • Establishing Abu Dhabi as a regional hub of a globally-integrated and knowledge-based economy
  • Providing all students (nationals and residents) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with access to specialized world class education

What is ADEK’s vision to Global Partnerships?

Develop strategic, effective and sustainable partnerships in education and enterprise development to drive Abu Dhabi’s knowledge-based capacity requirements.

What is ADEK’s mission to Global Partnerships?

To align with world-class institutions around the globe as an approach to help ADEK meet its strategic plans and targets, developed and implemented within established priorities