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Research Publications

The overarching goal of the Office of Research and Planning’s research publication section is to ensure development is preceded by insight.

The research we undergo unearths answers to questions about how to address key educational system problems. To this effect, our office collaborates with offices and sectors across ADEC to carry out joint studies and projects that target imperative issues, such as student performance and career guidance.

 ADEC Research Publications

ADEC’s research team makes invaluable contributions to the organization’s policy development. By identifying decisive areas of research interest and carrying out priority research agendas with key samples, ADEC researchers help solve vital problems, enabling smoother and more efficient performance appraisement and development.

 Researchers’ Publications

Just as important as ADEC’s internal research team, external education researchers are welcomed and assisted when seeking to carry out studies concerning the field of education in the Emirate.

 Research in Progress

ADEC’s penchant for data-driven decision making leads to an environment in which research agendas are continually being carried out to both inspire and support education development. ADEC publishes its current list of research projects so stakeholders and education managers can stay informed.