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ADEC strives to assist internal and external educational researchers in carrying out their studies and research on subjects that include students, teachers, administrative and technical staff, programs and curriculum management.

In addition, ADEC makes its utmost efforts to help researchers overcome any challenges and difficulties they face, and will strive to use the findings of such studies and research in performance appraisal and development.

 Submit a Research Proposal

This form is to be used by both internal and external individuals and agencies to propose formal research activities in Abu Dhabi’s schools.

Please check our "Evaluation Criteria" to approve research proposals.

If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Research and Planning:

 Suggest a Research Topic

Informed opinions are a cornerstone of data-driven development decisions. For this reason, ADEC welcomes research proposals from the public and academic spheres which concern investigation into areas of vital interest.