Surveys of Abu Dhabi Schools
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Surveys of Abu Dhabi Schools

Understanding customer and stakeholder expectations helps us to safeguard ADEC’s performance.

The Office of Research and Planning’s survey section develops customized surveys – conducted on a yearly basis online from April to July – that target various stakeholders, such as directors of Abu Dhabi Government institutions; public school principals and school personnel; and parents and students of both public and private schools. The subjects of our surveys concern a range of school climate issues, such as:

  • School safety and environment
  • Pedagogy and didactics
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Professional development
  • Leadership

By aiming to better understand stakeholder expectations, the Office of Research and Planning can identify strengths and areas that require enhancement. This ensures the improvement of strategic planning at all levels and the benchmarking of ADEC’s performance with international standards.

 Survey Reports

In order to assist the schools in identifying challenges and relevant solutions, both general survey reports and individual school reports are distributed to school principals in easy-to-read presentation form. ADEC intends to publish all reports concerning survey results to both ascertain transparency and ensure that stakeholders and interested public parties can stay informed of issues concerning school climate. Students, parents, and school staff can read here about results which are currently supporting ADEC planning efforts at various levels.

 Survey Summaries

For a quick overview of the surveys conducted by the Office of Research and Planning, see our list of all survey summaries and presentations. 


Head of Faculty

Licensed Teachers

Parents Satisfaction

Principals Survey

Teachers Survey

 Survey Documentation

The main instruments used in the surveys are carefully designed and tested to fit the school environment in Abu Dhabi. “Use of ADEC survey items is permitted without charge. ADEC must be cited as the source of the items in documentation and publications.”

 Schools Satisfaction Reports

The aim of these reports is to provide each school a qualitative description of parents’ and students’ opinions and feedback exactly the way they were received. It mainly presents the data as a frequency distribution of answers for each question. The report doesn’t include qualitative or quantitative analysis of the data and it doesn’t present any assumption, conclusion or recommendation.

This year survey gauge parents’ and students’ satisfaction with four aspects including: (1) Parent-School Partnership, (2) School Violence and Safety (3) Teaching Effectiveness and (4) Physical Environment.

This report will be useful for the principals to spot out the strengths and weaknesses of the schools from both parents’ and students’ perspective, which will help to identify various causal forces influencing their satisfaction with their learning process.