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Apply for a ‘Sequential Studies’ Certificate

Through this service, students and parents can apply for a certificate which details the fulfilled academic years the student has studied in Public and/or Private Schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for more than one year.

Process Steps

Public School, Adult Education (night school and home school), and private school students and parents can apply for the attested certificate online or at one of the ADEC Customer Service Centers / TAMM Centers .
The attested certificate can be requested online. To apply online, please follow the below steps:
1.     Click on the online services link and register / login. You will need to use your Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway[BM2]  account to login Add the relevant service request(s) and submit order
2.     Provide information on delivery location
3.     Enter credit card information for payment processing
4.     Receive the requested documentation via courier to specified delivery location
To access the online service, please click here
Static Services
Please follow the below steps when applying for this certificate at one of the ADEC Customer Service Centers / TAMM Centers :
1.     Visit an ADEC Customer Service Center / TAMM Center
2.     Retrieve the Sequential Studies Application Form that is available at the Customer Service Center or download the form by clicking here
3.     Fill the Sequential Studies Application Form accurately
4.     Take the relevant ticket from the queuing machine and wait for your ticket number to be called
5.     Once your number is called, inform the customer service representative of the request to apply for the attested certificate
6.     Provide the customer service representative with the filled Sequential Studies Application Form which shows the name of the relevant student, grade number, name of the school, and academic years (provide the student number if available)
7.     Present the student’s valid Emirates ID card
8.     Pay the applicable attestation fees and receive your order number
9.     Decide to collect the issued and attested certificate in-person from the ADEC Customer Service Center / TAMM Center after five working days or via courier according to your preference
10.   If returning to the ADEC Customer Service Center / TAMM Center, then obtain your attested certificate from the reception after providing them with the order number and your valid Emirates ID (the student’s or parent’s Emirates ID card must be presented)

Required Documents

Required Document
Special Consideration
Student’s or Parent’s original Emirates ID card (Static Services)
The original Emirates ID card of the student or parent is required to validate the identity of the requester
Sequential Studies Application Form
The Sequential Studies Application Form will need to be populated to process the application. The form can be downloaded by clicking here.


Service Type
Fee Value (in AED)
Sequential Studies Certificate attestation fee



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