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Public Schools

Attending a public school in Abu Dhabi is a richly rewarding experience, one that will prepare you fully for the future.

This section guides existing and potential public school students through the practical information needed throughout the school year.

  • Assessments describe the ways your development and achievements will be charted as you progress through the system.
  • Similarly, the Examination Schedule sets out the dates and times for the sitting of examination.
  • My Activities introduces some of our extra-curricular options. These will challenge and entertain you, enriching your development.
  • Expat Students lists the criteria for these students to enter our public school system.
  • ADECs curriculum is modeled on best practices and research based theories which place the students at the center of all teaching. Teaching methods integrate content, cooperative learning, critical thinking, and eLearning to compose a hands on approach to teaching and learning. These are summarized in the Teaching and Learning Resources.
  • Supporting Talents is our program for nurturing students with a particular gift or aptitude, be it in music, sport, art or another area.
  • The section entitled New School Model provides explanations, strategies and expectations that have been set to restructure and improve the quality of teaching and learning in ADEC classrooms.
  • The Student’s Guide sets out your rights and responsibilities. These will help you play a full part in ensuring a safe, supportive and orderly environment for everyone.
  • Finally, we provide a Public Schools Calendar and Holidays.

If you have any further questions about our public schools, please get in touch. You can also find out more about the curriculum in the Education in Abu Dhabi section.