Organization Structure
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Organization Structure

ADEC Organization Structure

Office of Planning & Strategic Affairs Functions

  • Develop strategic and implementation plans, in coordination with stakeholders, to elevate the quality of education in Abu Dhabi.
  • Develop plans that improve ADEC performance and effectiveness.
  • Perform studies and make recommendations as appropriate in support of ADEC’s mission.
  • Perform studies, collect and analyze data, and respond to internal and external queries.
  • Build strong global collaborations and partnerships, which contribute to the development of the education system.
  • Interface with appropriate government entities on corporate performance, and with the internal management on internal project performance.
  • Prepare annual, bi-annual and quarterly reports on the progress that ADEC is achieving.
  • Consolidate and disseminate relevant information and knowledge on the education system in Abu Dhabi.
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Office of Research & Planning

  • Perform environmental scanning to proactively identify priority areas of policy and strategic research for ADEC.
    • Study and prepare a list of priority research areas.
    • Design a mechanism for efficient and effective identification of future priority research for ADEC.
      • Maintain a website linked to major research organizations and activities.
      • Maintain an informative newsletter for wide circulation.
      • Prepare reports, including the annual report, on research outcomes.
      • Maintain a program of strategic plan visits to higher education institutions.
  • Building the ADEC research and innovation capability.
  • Providing opportunities for researchers to conduct exciting and innovative research.
  • Develop a strategic plan with long-term priority research agenda.
  • Build and support strategic partnerships that expand research.
  • Partner with other research institutions (i.e., universities, colleges, government laboratories, research centers, federal agencies, consulting offices, experts etc.), nationally and internationally.
  • Conduct and promote research that is respectful of our communities, well-beings.
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Advisors Pool Functions

  • Analyze trends and monitor global education developments.
  • Advise on key issues and initiatives.
  • Problem solve and provide policy and political steering upon request.
  • Prepare briefing materials and reports.
  • Support key meetings and negotiation.
  • Liaise with OSA and other sectors.
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Internal Audit Functions

  • Review internal processes for adequacy and effectiveness of internal control and compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Perform special investigations and reviews at the request of Management.
  • Facilitate risk assessment activities.
  • Coordinate activities with Abu Dhabi Audit Authority.
  • Follow-up progress of corrective management action plans.
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Legal Affairs Functions

  • Provide legal advice to ADEC Director General and ADEC with regard to Decrees and decisions.
  • Provide legal advice to all ADEC departments with regard to works.
  • Provide legal advice on set and proposed legislations and policy.
  • Ensure legal consistency of decisions with existing legislation.
  • Interpret existing and new laws and provide legal basis on it.
  • Review ADEC contracts, agreements, RFPs and RFQs before submission.
  • Follow up to ADEC's cases in front judicial authorities.
  • Assist with legal affairs related to the establishment of agencies/ boards.
  • Maintain repository of legislation and decrees.
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Strategic Communication & Media Functions

  • Develop, implement and update the communication strategies of ADEC’s initiatives.
  • Create and implement internal and external communications guidelines.
  • Promote ADEC’s initiatives by utilizing different media channels.
  • Plan, organize and manage ADEC events.
  • Ensure the alignment of ADEC’s corporate brand with Abu Dhabi Government guidelines.
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Organizational Development & Excellence Office Functions

  • Prepare institutional development strategy.
  • Maintain ADEC’s organization structure, including the governance and authority matrix.
  • Own and approve job description development, salary reviews, and job evaluations.
  • Establish organizational excellence frameworks and quality standards.
  • Maintain all ADEC Policies, Procedures and Processes repositories and ensure alignment.
  • Build capacity and assist other ADEC units in quality and efficiency improvement programs.
  • Represent ADEC in front of external quality and excellence assessment bodies.
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Support Services Core Functions

  • Ensure sufficient funds and capability for the realization of education strategic plans.
  • Provide and manage corporate support services.
  • Support back-office processing for school staff.
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Higher Education Core Functions

  • Develop, implement and update the Higher Education strategy.
  • Promote Research and Development in Abu Dhabi.
  • Support linkages between academia and the economy.
  • Provide career guidance and scholarships.
  • Coordinate with Federal authorities to: (1) Set standards for HE institutions and staff operating in Abu Dhabi. (2) Oversee Higher Education quality assurance.
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School Operations Core Functions

  • Support and oversee public school operations across the Emirate e.g. budgeting, procurement.
  • Manage school staff planning, recruitment, assessment and professional development.
  • Manage student and school services, e.g. career guidance.
  • Provide expertise and advise as required.
  • Manage the delivery of customer services.
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Private Schools & Quality Assurance Core Functions

  • Abu Dhabi Emirate currently has around 185 private schools operating in three regions; Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region.

    The Private Schools & Quality Assurance Sector caters for approximately 200,000 students of different nationalities including the 50,000 Emirati students which is 25% of the total number of students registered in private schools.

    With such a large student population, the development of a quality private education system is a crucial foundation required to help achieve Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision for 2030.

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P-12 Policy Core Functions

  • Develop review and update the P-12 Strategic Plan.
  • Set P-12 policies, guidelines, standards and regulations.
  • Develop, review and update P-12 curricula.
  • Design Emirate-wide student assessments.
  • Coordinate with MoE and internal and external stakeholders.
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Human Resources Core Functions

  • Develop core HR policies and procedures.
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Human Resources Core Functions

  • Develop core HR policies and procedures.

Non School Employees:

  • Review and update Organization structure, manpower and job descriptions.
  • Manage recruitment.
  • Establish professional development and appraisal programs.
  • Manage and administer payroll.
  • Process leave and packages.
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Finance Core Functions

  • Manage budgeting and reporting.
  • Maintain and reconcile general ledger accounts.
  • Administer and manage invoicing, receivables and payables.
  • Assess, value and register assets.
  • Define contract payment terms and conditions, settle contract fees.
  • Approve and process school budgets.
  • Define and administer scholarship budget.
  • Validate payroll.
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Procurement & Contract Management Core Functions

  • Optimize procurement Policies, Processes, and Procedures.
  • Insure Integrity of the Procurement Process.
  • Define Sourcing Strategy.
  • Support ADEC divisions in Procurement activities; provide them with competitive access to their required goods and services.
  • Develop and maintain a consistent Commercial Database for ADEC Suppliers.
  • Establish a world class Supply Chain Management function for ADEC.
  • Develop and implement a green procurement associated with public policy organizations.
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General Services Core Functions

  • Process select back-office administration duties, e.g. visas, transport, accommodation.

Non School Entities

  • Manage outsourced general services such as catering, office help, security, cleaning, transportation, etc.
  • Provide translation services.
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Information & Communication Technology Core Functions

  • Develop ICT strategy.
  • Identify required ICT services.
  • Define ICT standards and specifications.
  • Manage ICT providers.
  • Ensure end-user and back-end support to systems and applications.
  • Monitor service delivery.
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Policy, Planning & Performance Management Core Functions

  • Develop, update and implement the P-12 Policy Strategic Plan (and Sector) budget.
  • Establish P-12 Education policies, guidelines, standards and regulations.
  • Set P-12 Policy Sector targets and indicators.
  • Monitor P-12 Education performance at the Emirate level.
  • Research and recommend (Set) school calendar and instruction hours.
  • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders.
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Quality Improvement Core Functions

  • Identify and implement mechanisms to achieve aspired targets, goals and quality standards.
  • Participate in the federal Higher Education Licensing Committee.
  • Assist Higher Education Institutions in attaining licenses and accreditation.
  • Produce development update publications, conduct quality assurance marketing and build strong networks.
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Research Core Functions

  • Sponsor, promote and encourage academic and non academic research in required fields.
  • Facilitate and participate in idea exchange at the local, regional and international level.
  • Collaborate with local and international entities on the development of programs for research, development and innovation.
  • Support and fund research through grants.
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Labor Market Intelligence Core Functions

  • Compile regular labor market overviews and forecasts.
  • Coordinate with appropriate stakeholders to link programs to labor market needs.
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Guidance & Scholarship Core Functions

  • Design scholarship programs.
  • Create scholarship candidate selection framework.
  • Establish appropriate collaborations and student/staff exchanges.
  • Promote and encourage Higher Education participation amongst Nationals.
  • Roll out an effective career guidance system and encourage females to join the workforce.
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School Planning Core Functions

  • Develop and oversee P-12 public school operating plans and procedures.
  • Consolidate public school budgets and support financial analysis.
  • Manage consolidation of P-12 public school procurement needs.
  • Conduct operational analysis, including student places.
  • Coordinate school master plan development with internal and external stakeholders.
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School Services Core Functions

  • Monitor new school construction.
  • Define school premises health and safety standards.
  • Plan, manage and coordinate P-12 public school maintenance.
  • Identify required services, manage and support their implementation.
  • Define the scope of and SLAs for outsourced services, monitor their delivery.
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Personal Services Core Functions

  • Conduct school-staff manpower planning.
  • Update school staff job descriptions and minimum requirements.
  • Manage school staff recruitment and allocation.
  • Provide school staff support through direct and indirect channels.
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Professional Development Core Functions

  • Develop staff professional development plans and career paths in accordance with P-12 Professional Development requirements.
  • Coordinate delivery of staff professional development.
  • Define and coordinate school staff appraisal process.
  • Monitor, review and manage school staff appraisal process.
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Student Services Core Functions

  • Administer student assessments according to required standards.
  • Coordinate extra-curricular programs.
  • Oversee provision of additional student services, such as:
    1. Health and Wellness.
    2. Social, academic, career guidance.
    3. Library services.
    4. Maintain student records.
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School Administration Core Functions

  • Oversee public school operations and performance.
  • Coach, manage and assess school principals.
  • Review and approve teacher assessments.
  • Support implementation of new initiatives.
  • Provide expertise and advise as required.
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Customer Services Core Functions

  • Collect, process, incorporate and address feedback, queries and complaints from public school students, parents and staff.
  • Deploy and manage regional service centers - service centers could host staff from other ADEC sectors and divisions.
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Infrastructure & Facilities Core Functions

  • Plan number and location of new schools in coordination School Planning Division and P-12 Policy Sector requirements.
  • Manage construction programs in coordination with sectors through external providers.
  • Develop and revise as required P-12 School Designs.
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Policy, Planning & Performance Management Core Functions

  • Develop, implement and update the Private Schools Sector strategic plan and budget.
  • Develop P-12 private school policies, guidelines, standards, and regulations in coordination with MOE and other authorities.
  • Develop a private school master plan.
  • Set Private Schools sector targets and performance indicators.
  • Monitor private school sector performance.
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Business Development Core Functions

  • Promote Abu Dhabi’s Private School education locally and internationally.
  • Attract good quality private education providers to establish and expand in Abu Dhabi.
  • Provide set-up support to new schools.
  • Manage contracts with high quality providers through special arrangements.
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Licensing & Accreditation Core Functions

  • Set and update standards for P-12 school licensing and accreditation.
  • Define and implement the school licensing and accreditation process.
  • License and accredit schools.
  • Monitor schools, take corrective actions and review school license as required.
  • Process compliance matters.
  • Operate customer service centers.
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Inspection & Monitoring Core Functions

  • Define inspection standards, criteria, metrics and mechanisms in coordination with applicable units.
  • Plan and manage schools inspections.
  • Audit and publish inspection results.
  • Review inspection results and mitigation plans with operators.
  • Act upon results in coordination with other divisions and sectors.
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School Development Core Functions

  • Identify key private school quality issues and define strategies to resolve them.
  • Plan and manage implementation of private school quality development strategies and programs.
  • Provide front-line support to private schools on school improvement.
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Policy, Planning & Performance Management Core Functions

  • Develop, implement and update Higher Education Strategic Plan and Sector budget.
  • Develop ADEC Higher Education policies, guidelines, standards and regulations.
  • Support the development of a qualifications framework.
  • Define, set and monitor performance indicators.
  • Develop and operate a ranking system.
  • Devise a modular accreditation program.
  • Coordinate with MoHESR.
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Curriculum Core Functions

  • Develop subject curricula that is linked to the needs of the Emirate.
  • Set the goals and learning expectations per program and cycle.
  • Determine teaching methods, pedagogy and learning resources for the new curricula per cycle and program.
  • Establish selection criteria to (aid) advise on the appropriate provision of extracurricular programs and activities.
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Assessment Core Functions

  • Develop framework, methodology and advancement standards per assessment by program and cycle.
  • Develop Emirate-level assessment tools.
  • Coordinate the administration of ADEC assessments.
  • Coordinate the administration of federal assessments in coordination with MoE e.g. Thanawiya or other appropriate assessments.
  • Coordinate the administration of (i) International assessments with providers e.g. TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS.
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Special Education Core Functions

  • Conduct needs assessment for special education.
  • Develop policies, guidelines, standards and regulations for P-12 special education.
  • Develop special education curricula and programs in coordination with P-12 Curriculum division.
  • Develop tools to identify students requiring special education.
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Health & Wellness Core Functions

  • Devise health and wellness policies, guidelines, standards, regulations, curricula and programs for P-12 students in coordination with Health Authorities.
  • Identity mechanisms to promote health and wellness in P-12 schools.
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Professional Standards Core Functions

  • Set minimum professional standard requirements for P-12 school staff and management (teaching and management).
  • Define standards and process for licensing P-12 school staff and management.
  • Design standards for (continuous education) professional development programs for P-12 (school) staff (teaching and management).
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