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What is INNOVATOR Show? 

​The INNOVATOR 2018 is a key initiative under the ADEK’s Innovation Strategy.


In 2018, the INNOVATOR 2018 is delivered during the UAE Innovation Month in February 2018.


The INNOVATOR 2018 is a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) inspired event, which demonstrates homegrown projects across the UAE. The 7-day event targets an audience aged 13+ across the UAE combined with Abu Dhabi Science Festival for exiting workshops and activities.


INNOVATOR 2018 will be held on Feb 1 2018 to Feb 7 2018 at Abu Dhabi Corniche.


 Who is an Innovator?

§Makers                                  §Tinkerers
§Builders                                 §Hackers
§Crafters                                 §Hobbyists
§Engineers                              §Inventors
§Programmers                       §Designers
§Mechanics                     §Artists & more



​ Project Categories


 INNOVATOR 2018 - Overview


 Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2018 - Workshops

# Workshop Title Description Age group
1 Hydraulic Switch It is a levelled up project for kids who love to tinker with circuits. Participants will learn about integrating materials together to make an advanced science project. We add on to the basic Morse code project and make a hydraulic arm to switch on/off a light.  5+
2 Nutty Motor Fan In the UAE, when the sun lords over us during the summer, it is HOT! So we try ways to cool off any way we can… hence the Nutty Motor Fan! Using recycled materials, we make a motor fan with the use of our basic knowledge on circuits and electricity… It’s getting hot in here, so turn up that fan and make some cool breeze!
3 Nutty Ice – States of Matter Using a special kind of ice, we will be performing “cool” experiments. Have you ever heard “ice” sing? How about tasting your own burp? Make your own fizzy juice while making a Ziploc pop? How about a bubble shower and a short swim through clouds of smoke? These and more in this popular Nutty Scientists’ workshop.  5+
4 Nutty Motor Car A little ingenuity goes a long way! Using recyclable materials like plastic bottles, plastic lids, old skewers, an old motor from an old toy and poof! A Nutty Motor Car!!!  5+
5 Polymer Play It is one of the most popular workshops of Nutty Scientists. Slime, slime, glorious slime! But not just simple slime… here, we make glow in the dark slime and fluffy, sparkly slime. Kids get to learn states of matter while getting messy in this fun, interactive, gloriously engaging workshop. 5+
6 Smoke Launchers Have you ever seen a real, live tornado? Would you want to? This Nutty Scientists workshop will teach you how to make smoke rings and actually play with it. Want to shoot some smoke rings to a target? That is quite possible in this fun-laden workshop.
7 Sugary Structures Learn and explore the physics of towers and bridges by building it using… GUM DROPS and dried SPAGHETTI! Find out what shape would be better to build taller towers or longer bridges? How many spaghetti pillar do we use to build stronger and taller towers. What’s amazing is that they get to take their towers home and maybe eat it too! 5+
8 Camel Race Creative Robotics will take you on a journey of UAE Heritage and Tradition! Learn how to build a camel robota dn observe how different gears change the speed of the robot. Learn to program your robot to race in an arena along with equally challenging competitors. What changes can you make on your design to take the cup? 9+
9 Pop the Bubble Venture into a journey of exploring the firefly world. Learn how to build a firefly robot, equip it with a balloon and compete with other robots to pop the bubble, learn what happens when you change the structure of the robot. How to pop the maximum balloons? Let us discover together 9+
10 Mobile App Development In this workshop, Skillbloc Innovation
Communicators will teach students an
innovative way to code simple yet
functional Android Mobile Applications.
Mobile Applications are an innovative
way of solving a variety of our daily
problems, through this activity students
will be exposed to Coding.
11 OR Surgery Emergency! Emergency! There’s been an
accident! Learn some life-saving skills with this
incredible drop-in medical activity. Explore the
different parts and functions of the human body
and work out what’s the matter with our patients
before scrubbing up and getting hands-on with
some real surgical kit in our life like operating
theatre. Use a laparoscope and remove
gallstones and cysts or clean a wound or learn
how to take blood samples. If you want to
become a top-class surgeon, this is your chance
to scrub up and save some lives!
12 Blood Lab Visit our special Blood Lab to mix up a gooey
blood milkshake and even touch a real heart
(if you’re feeling brave!) as you find out how
the science of blood can help us diagnose
disease and discover some of the cutting-edge
technology scientists use to study it. See what
really happens when we get cuts and bruises
and make your own blood-curdling scab to learn
how they form; then take a closer look at the
workings of the heart and lungs and how blood
changes with oxygen.
13 Power it Up Join our team of specialists to learn all about
the mysterious world of Nuclear Energy. This
interactive workshop takes participants through
all stages of the process of how we get so much
energy from nuclear power stations. From atoms
to radioactivity, chain reactions to explosions,
from energy to nuclear fission this workshop
has it all. Participants will get the opportunity to
discover and see how the science of particle
physics is helping them to switch on their mobile
phones and then have the opportunity to create
some of their own electricity using our unique
hand power generators.
14 Mini Mechanics Put on your overalls, step inside our workshop
and take a look inside real engines to find out
how they work. You’ll get hands on with real
tools and engine parts by taking apart our
engines to discover what it takes to make a car
move and how to repair it when it breaks. This
engaging interactive workshop simulates the
environment of a real car workshop - a must for
any budding engineers and mechanics!
15 Micro-Coders A micro:bit is a new type of tiny microcontroller
that is taking the education world by storm.
Young learners are able to program this open
development circuit board using a
drag and drop coding environment
that introduces them to essentials of app
development. They can write their name in lights
or even create a tiny hand-held games console!
In this new for 2017 workshop mini coders
will get a chance to get hands-on with coding
helping them to become the innovators of the
16 Code Crackers Enter the cyber-bunker – a hi-tech hub where
you’ll crack codes, crunch data and find
out how security agencies protect you from
online crime. As part of a digital security
team, this code-breaking mission will open
your eyes to a hidden world of intrigue and
17 Cubelets Robot Blocks Welcome to the world
of Cubelets – the expandable modular robotics
system. Use our Cubelets to explore open-ended
challenges and create your very own robot.
The Cubelet system provides barrier free entry
to robotics learning by using magnetic cubes
to produce instantly operating robots. This
simple and intuitive system allows participants
to concentrate on learning about the rules of
robotics and logic, without having to worry
about challenging builds or programming. In
this fun, fast paced workshop, participants will
become mini-robot engineers and create their
own novel, wacky and useful robots!
18 Robot Inventor Test your programming and design skills to
construct and code your very own remote control
robot. In this hands on workshop, participants
will tackle all sorts of challenges and obstacle
courses, before competing against their friends
in the micro robot battle arena! Put your design
and engineering skills to the test!
19 3D Engineer The world is changing fast! Engineers and product
designers can now create a 3D model of a product
and have it built by a machine. In this hands on
workshop, participants will design their own 3D
object on a computer and watch as our fleet of hightech
machines produce it before your eyes. Within
minutes they will see their designs go from an idea in
their head to a physical product in their hand. In this
creative workshop, participants will learn the basics of
3D ‘CAD’ modelling, create their own personalised
keyring, and then watch as it is created by one of the
3D printers in Innovation Month’s 3D printer farm!
20 Laser Planes Calling all aeronautical enthusiasts – this is your
chance to become a test pilot! In this exciting
new workshop you’ll use CAD to design your
own unique wing, before cutting it out with
a laser cutter. Then it’s time to assemble it on
a foam glider and take it to the testing range
where you’ll use the high-speed launcher to see
how your creation flies – will your design make
the mark? The fun continues afterwards as you
get to take your glider away with you at the end
of the workshop.
21 Car of the Future:
Design Challenge
Future car racing engineers put their skills to the
test, designing and building their own hydrogen
powered model vehicle. This hands-on workshop
challenges participants, independently, with their
peers, or family groups, to create, design and
construct their own hydrogen powered vehicle.
22 App Inventor This workshop will use an accessible and
powerful coding environment that will allow
students to very quickly create their own Android
apps that they can download and run on their
own mobile phones. By leveraging the power
of the open-source MIT App Inventor software,
introductory students will have the excitement of
creating their first-ever working piece of software
while more advanced students will quickly learn
that the only limit is their imagination. Students
will be able to download their work to their
phones or save it online to work on later.
23 Android Design Lab Take your first steps to Play Store success with
our introductory Android Design Lab! This 45
minure session will introduce you to the basics
of MIT App Inventor software and we will show
you how to create your first simple smartphone
game. You’ll even learn to package it up and
send it to your friends!
In this innovative course, we give you the basics
but the customisation is all down to you! Choose
or create your own images or sounds, sketch out
ideas for the app look and feel, then playtest
your creation and refine the details as you
create a classic smartphone game.
24 Mambo – Drone Pilot
Get hands-on with some uplifting technology
as you control and fly a drone. Thanks to an
advanced flight controller and high performance
sensors, these Parrot Mambo kits are easy to
manoeuvre, but it’s up to you and your team
to use all your skills to complete a series of
challenges. Get troubleshooting and drag
and drop the code required to programme
your drone to fly remotely and even take some
pictures along the way… your aerial mission
25 Prototyping Putting things together and bringing parts to an operational order require a variety of skills such as the ability to use measuring devices, understand tolerances, and being able to assess structural and functional aspects. In this workshop we expose attendees to the process of putting together a functional prototype. 9+
26 Electronics  Projects nowadays can seldom get away with no electronics in them. Hence a combination of light, movement, or intelligence is often a fundamental ingredient in any innovative project. In this workshop we scrape the surface of electronic assembly in a fun way that is accessible to children and adults alike. 9+
27 Woodworking Everyone has engaged in some form of woodworking at one point in their lives either at college or with an older family member. In this workshop we allow attendees to experience a bit of woodworking to the end of making a functional and a structurally-sound outcome. 9+


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